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What a lovely postman!!

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  • What a lovely postman!!

    I ordered something biggish yesterday which I decided to get delivered to work as Id be here rather than home.
    Got to work and found one of those bloomin cards saying 'tried to deliver but no one was in' (8.20am!!)so il have to wait til the weekend to go collect it.

    A few minutes ago theres a knock on the door and the postman redelivered it saying he saw the car in the driveway!!!
    What a nice man.

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    If only there were more like that.
    To be fair, the ones around here are pretty good.


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      Nah mine aren't - I swear they watch for you going out for a pint of milk and stick one of their little notes through the door!!!

      Glad you have a nice posty though.



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        What a Nice Man.....

        Our postie's very good too. If there's something that he needs a signature for and we're out, he'll check again when he's finished his round to see if we're back by then. And he remembers where our garage key is hidden so he can leave bigger things that don't need a signature.

        He also calls on the elderly residents in our village and collects any letters that they want posted.

        You can always tell when we've a different postie, cos the post arrives earlier or later, depending on which way round the village they go. They're all very pleasant, but not as nice as Ken...

        It's good to know that there are some real gems working in RM!

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          We've got a fantastic postie. If we have anything big or needs signing for he'll come round early in his car to catch us before we go out, then he brings everything else on his usual round.

          Recently he's been on holiday and his replacement is absolutely c---! We live at No5 and he delivered all the post for No1 to us - thick or lazy? Or both

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            I completely missed a package hiding in an alcove at work so a colleague just handed it to me.
            Its a load of wooden beads which was packaged with a catalogue id asked for!!Forgot Id asked it to come here.
            Ive gone for black and brown beads, Il have to see what I can invent.


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