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  • Fed Up!

    Am really fed up!

    On Friday night I was stricken with the vilest stomach bug I've ever encountered.

    It's meant I couldn't go selling today at my folk festival.
    Which means I've lost my table money.
    AND I'm stuck with all the folky type jewellery I made specifically for today.
    AND I've obviously got no money coming into the pot.

    Am really cheesed off as well as feeling really skanky.

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    Sorry to hear your not well and a pain in the bum with the craft fair. Is there another one you can do? Do the organisers run more of these type of events?

    Hope you feel better soon.


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      Oh you poor thing, can sympathis as am meant to be doing a craft fair today but can't owing to a gammy foot, but the plus side is it is bloody awful out there and can't imagine many people will be venturing out.
      Jo x

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        poor you - hope you feel better soon and sorry you've missed out and lost out on the craft fair - i too know how that feels.
        take care
        Deanne x

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          Oh No....

          ....poor you! Get well soon....

          Himself has had a bug too, and was confined to bed.

          Truth be told, I secretly enjoyed escaping from the the house (twice) without him.

          But he was miserable, and I expect you feel just as crappy.....

          I know you've been left with your funky jewellery, but it's cool stuff, it'll sell really well at craft fairs. Pity about your stall fee though...

          Get well soon!

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            AWW that's awful. Hope you feel better soon.
            Loosing money on the craft fair is horrid. Pity it wasn't organised by a soft touch like me. We had one card maker at the last one we did who just didn't make any thing from it. Others did better than they had ever done. Guess what I gave her the table hire money back. Must toughen up I know.
            There will be other fairs and I hope you do extra well to cover today.


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              Every cloud....

              Am feeling much recovered now (only took 3 days!)

              My friend went to the folk festival and said that it wasn't very busy - she was either sparing my feelings, or the rain put people off!

              In an attempt to recoup some of my losses, I've spent the day "pottering" on the computer and opened up an ebay shop:


              and spent some time updating my jewellery website. So hopefully I can get some sales that way!

              Off now in search of chocolate ..... oh yes, I'm better!

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