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  • Stuff in a gallery!

    I finally took some mirrors & suncatchers along to a local gallery - I've been psyching myself up to do this since Jan! They seemed to like them and have taken some for sale or return. Just had to tell someone, it's quite exciting (yes, I should get out more!). The only trouble is, I'd taken small mirrors intending to show them as samples and to return with bigger things if they liked them, but I decided to leave them there & then, so now I've none for my craft fair at the end of June, need to get busy again!

    Oh, and I've just had my first order from my website, not a direct buy (they want a different size of an existing mirror design) but still a sale!

    PS I originally put in 32 smilies apparently, but I'm only allowed 10! website ... my blog

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    Here's another ten..........


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      That's excellent getting into the gallery.

      Now you will need to get on with it because June is only next week - ow my god I still haven't lost the weight I put on at Christmas and I go on holiday in 5 weeks!!!!!


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        Well done to you!!!
        I hope you do really well with the gallery.

        Here's another 10 for you PMSL!


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          here's the other two so now you have your original 32!
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            Well done. Takes guts to go and 'sell' your work like that.
            I am sure it will be a success for you as your work is fantastic.

            Here another smiley!!!

            Wahoo you're at 33 now!!

            Well done, again.
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              Fantastic news! Well done, bet you're so chuffed! I have been thinking of doing the same - have emailed a few craft shops but never seem to get a reply from them, so the direct approach is probably the best. Can I just ask fo a bit of advice? When you say 'gallery' what type of place do you mean? As I also make mirrors, maybe the same type of place will be interested in my mosaics. or not, hey ho!!!

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                Well Done!

                Congratulations! on the gallery and your first order from your website.
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                  Thank you for all the smilies!

                  Katian, it's quite a small gallery and it's just in a small town, not city centre or anything like that! They were very helpful and friendly and they have lots of nice things - I saw a painting I really liked but it's £220 so I need to sell some mirrors first before I even think about it! Here's a link to their website:
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                    That's excellent hun, well done you! Takes a lot of courage to approach people, so a pat on the back for you

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                      Well done. I sell my jewellery at a couple of galleries and it's surprising how quickly the money adds up. One in particular contacts me quite often for more stuff and since Feb I've collected £38, £88 & £42. Not bad for a side-line

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                        Oh well done on plucking up the courage! Hope it goes really well!!

                        I am often in shops and think I ought to ask them if they would take my stuff but I never have the nerve!!

                        Good luck!!!


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                          well done!
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