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Time goes by so quickly..

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  • Time goes by so quickly..

    The last couple of mornings Ive been engrossed in jewellery making while at work, and ive noticed the time really flies by, by the time I look up its near midday.
    Its a great feeling.

    Is this what it feels like for people who actually enjoy their jobs!?I envy them so.

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    It must be because the day drags in at my day job, but I never, ever have enough time for the candles - the days and nights just zoom past.



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      It's typical isn't it. I've had two really productive days this week but the time flies past - I had to literally drop my chicken I was sewing yesterday morning because it was 11.20 and I had to go and get Anya from nursery! Glad you are having productive days too - I seem to have got my oommphh back!
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        Time wizzes past for me at work, i love the sunny days in the parlour, chatting to the customers!! Bet it will fly by this afternoon!!
        But i do need to do more on my supposed jewellery business,
        I've been very good today, i've found and ordered some really cool paper carrier bags, thanx to a link on here, and i've just found and ordered some jewellery displays which i'm really happy with, i'm excited now for my deliveries!!!


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          I just went outside to put my delivery of padded envelopes in the car(once Id bonded with them).I dint realise how lovely the weather is!! I hate being stuck in an office.

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