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    Hi all. Please could someone help me ops: ... I've recently purchased quite a few porcelain dolls to restore. I was wandering is there anyway I could paint them without them needing fired? I'm new to this and have no idea about taking them apart etc and would like to know what sort of paint I could use if possible. Many thanks for help and advice in advance. Linda. [/b]

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    I recently bought a Genesis starter kit for my polymer clay dolls. They are oil based paints and although they look quite an expensive layout for tiny pots, you only need to dip a point of a toothpick in and add to the thinners provided to make them go a long, long way. Not much is needed to colour the dolls.
    I was really pleased with them. You need to set the paint with a heat gun but it only takes about 5 mins. I would check first whether it is suitable for porcelain though as I am not familiar with ceramic porcelain at all.
    Here is where I got it

    Lillian Trigg of Rochester (online)

    Hope this is of some help to you.

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