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  • What craft items are you looking for?

    Hello everyone

    I'm busy contacting suppliers to sort out which new products to stock in my shop. If it was completely up to me I'd stock ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! However, I thought it would be a good time to ask you all if there are any products you've been looking for that you're struggling to find etc.

    Any suggestions?
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    I saw on your website (very nice by the way) that you sell some punches. Something that I would find useful would be really large punches as my local craft shops only sell 1 or 2 designs in this size if at all.

    It's just an idea.



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      your website does look pretty nice

      i struggle to find cards i like.... noone seems to do a very wide variety of colour... its taken me weeks to find black ones!!

      big multipacks are a good idea of plain smooth white and cream cards of all sizes - packs of 40 and above perhaps?? and like i said a wide variety of coloured cards as well, nothing too garish but the cards avilable to buy all look pretty similar and its hard to find something new....

      having said that i think the ones you have some of them are really pretty.... especially the ones with the square embossed bits and windows



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        Thanks for your suggestions (and compliments) you've both been really helpful .

        I've also been asked about aperture cards for iris folding so I think I will increase the card blank ranges, the problem is the choices are endless with sizes and colours!

        Also a good point about multipacks - memories of making hundreds of invites when I got married are now flooding back :roll:

        Thanks again
        Visit Natty Netty for a huge selection of Iris Folding supplies


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          Ive been looking for those little glass vials you can get with a cork top, cant find them anywhere.

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