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TIPS: How to build a better craft website!

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  • TIPS: How to build a better craft website!

    Hi eveyyone,
    I run quite a few websites and make a living online. I thought (after looking at a LOT of websites) that I would post a couple of website building tips. Basically because everyone could do with MORE SALES.

    Clearly put your contact details on your website. If you can, add it to every page (top or bottom) This instills confidence in your visitor.

    Make your contact details as genuine as possible. Use either a standard postal address or a POBox. Also use a landline phone number when possible. Do not expect a mobile phone number and and email '[email protected]' to bring in sales.

    GET YOUR PRODUCTS ONTO YOUR PAGES. When I come to your website, do you think I am interested in you?
    No, I am looking to buy something. Put at least 6-8 products on your homepage, with prices and buy-now buttons. If you link each product to a details page that's fine, but show me what it is you are selling right there, your best sellers or even your latest product. I do not want to browse for it.

    If possible get someone to add a contact FORM to your website, for questions etc. No one likes clicking a link and having outlook express fire up - Close, Gone, Bye Bye Sale.

    Because most craft sites are generally quite small or 'start-up' businesses (no offence) make sure you add a links page and try to exchange links with other craft websites. Obviously add a link to my site in there too

    Ask someone to look at your website and ask them "would you buy from me?"
    You might be surprised to know your website may not be as good as you thought.

    You need to get your websites optimised. This is one I am going to have to come back to.

    Try and get your websites onto proper webhosting. Sites that are hosted on freehosts have no credibility, it only costs £5 or less/month to host a website properly. does not cut the mustard with my credit card.

    Hey, regards to all.
    Good luck, back soon
    Doing nothing is harder than it looks!
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