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    Does anyone know what the rules on using images on products that you intend to sell?

    If i wanted to use an image of a famous painting for example?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,
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    Hmm,I think it all depends on where you get them from.
    There is a shop in London, their website is something like 'dover books' who sell a range of books which have images that are copyright free.
    If you use images from the book then its ok to use them to sell.Books of artists like Mucha, Da Vinci and Klimt, there are other styles too.

    I bought 3 books from there, went to get images photocopied form them(took their brochure with the copyright free info in it, just in case)the lady read it and said fine.

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      Not too sure I only use my own images or ones where the site say specifically that you are free to use them.

      Not much help I know.

      All the best.

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        umm.. If you change it..

        A good refference:

        Copyright will be infringed where a "substantial" part of the work is reproduced in a material form. "Substantial" is not defined in the Copyright Act, but case law and best practice interpretation suggests it relates to the both the quality and quantity of the amount copied. It is likely to take into account similarities between the two works. Where the work you create can be recognisably derived from another image, it would be sensible to get permission. In addition to infringing copyright, altering someone else's work might constitute an infringement of the creator's moral rights, specifically the right of a creator not to have their work subjected to derogatory treatment.

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