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Peg rack disaster...

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  • Peg rack disaster...

    Well after making four 'designer' peg racks, the ones with the colourful fronts, that you have all been helping me name, it has all gone pear shaped.

    Now wood is a funny thing. It grows, it's a living thing. It moves. Now when a tree is cut down and made into a plank, although it stops growing, it doesn't stop moving.

    Sadly, sticking the plastic printed pattern onto the front of the peg racks is restricting the natural movement of the wood beneath. The result is that the four peg racks have 'cupped'! Basically they have twisted.

    I was hoping this wouldn't happen. Whilst in the workshop the peg racks were fine but once in a centrally heated house the wood has wanted to expand and becuase it can't it has twisted.

    Needless to say I am gutted.

    My only possible solution is to try perhaps a plywood, or even MDF. But that is not the material I wan't to work in. So it could be goodbye to the colourful peg racks before they have even got started.

    It's so frustrating when things you really like don't work out!!! Arghh bugger!!

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    Thats a shame Steve : (

    Can't you use another material? like paper? or oil cloth?

    Paper wouldn't be as durable, but it would look nice done in a decoupage style ?? and couldn't that then be varnished over the top?

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      Oh no - they looked great! Can you not stipulate that thwy must only go into non centrally heated homes?? Joking aside it looks like you might have to stick to the non plastic covered ones - are the other ones you made ok?
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        Oh Steve, that's a catastrophe!

        I quite like the idea of fabric covered pegracks too, would they be more flexible?
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          Poor You!

          Oh Steve, you do have my sympathy!

          I've had to throw away four aprons & a bag today. They were left on the day bed in my workroom, and unbeknownst to us, one of our cats had devloped an abscess behind his ear. This became huge in a matter of hours, as it started with a bite wound and cats' teeth have nasty bacteria on them.

          Our Harrycat then went to sleep on my stuff because the door was left open, and his abscess burst all over it. Truly gross.

          All the hard work (and fabrics) wasted. So I know just how you must feel.

          I could have washed everything, and more than likely it would come up good as new. But I couldn't sell stuff knowing what had happened to it.

          Chin up, be brave. Move on.

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            Grrr when things go wrong.

            I have nothing to add really but you have my best wishes. I suppose I could say something positive and offer some advice to lift both your spirits but when I have been in your situations.. kicking the things up into the air, screaming and shouting and generally returning to a toddle like state is pretty much how I handle it, so... maybe my advice wouldn't be that much use!
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              Hi Steve

              Have you made any improvements since your disaster?

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                Im absolutley gutted for you.I was so impressed with them.

                In DIY shops they have a section of little wood shapes, like decorated coving/corners.Im sure ive seen things like flowers and sealife.
                Could these be an alternative form of decoration, screw/glue a couple on but they would allow the wood to move.


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                  Hi Steve, what a shame. Could you not store the peg racks at home. When someone wants one then stick the design on them.

                  I had a similar problem. We got new carpets fitted throughout the house in time for Christmas a year or so ago. Within a week they had started to go all bumpy. Turned out because they were stored in a warehouse as soon as they were brought into the warmth of the house the expanded. Had to get them to come out twice to restrech and trim the carpets. Would this be the same kind of thing for wood. Would it have a maximum expansion point.

                  Sorry Steve.

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