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  • Info On Running A Crafts Club

    hello there,

    I would like to set up a crafts newsletter and that would be a craft club though the post in the Future and i would have a pen pal section as well would i need to go by any regulations?

    also i would maybe set up a Dough craft/ Sculpture Club where i live in the Future could i do that from my home? are there any regulations? or would i have To hire a hall? do i need insurance? to run a craft club?
    i have sent 2 emails to the Crafts Council and i havent heard from them at all so i was wondering if anyone knew in this forum does anyone run a craft club here?

    well i hope to hear from anyone soon

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    I think your best bet might be to get in touch with Mr Media. He oragnises everything here and will no doubt be able to point you in the right direction.


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      thank you


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        well i got an email from the Crafts Council and they dont have any info on running a crafts club


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          i cant find Mr Media anywhere on this forum


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            0103media at the beginning of the members list.....
            Are there any other clubs in your area that you can ask about?
            I would think that any regulations would be generic ones that are the same if you have any group meeting.... you could ask about, i was thinking of the WI, phtography groups etc.... Have a look in your local press and give them a ring....
            Good luck...
            I knew someone who ran a craft club but it was more informal not a profit making thing so there were no regulations to follow....


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              i have serched high and low on the net i have gone to the Libery and i have asked the Crafts Council and there are None! in my area thanks for ya help


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                I have a member on my forum who runs quite a big all round craft club in her town I will put the questions to her as I am sure she will be able to answer you I will get back to you if I find out



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                  Thank you i hope that she can help me out!