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  • Change of direction

    It may be obvious that I haven't crafted anything for ages, it feels like years!

    Moving house has put a stop to everything, I need to get the decorating done before I can even think about what to make next.

    I've decided it's time for a major change, I've made all sorts of craft items, mainly for my own pleasure, if they sell it's a bonus. But it's time to take things more seriously. So everything I've made so far has been removed from my web site and put on Craft Jumble for auction.

    When the decorating is over, hopefully sooner rather than later, then I want to concentrate on designing lampshades and other more functional items. And stop wildly jumping from one craft to another aimlessly!

    Sometimes it's nice to have a fresh start

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    Hi, wow, i've never seen that site before. I've bookmarked it to look at when i have more time.
    I agree it's good to have a fresh start sometimes, hope it all goes well for you.


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      Good luck with your new crafting venture and i hope you get the decorating done soon.

      Has craft jumble picked up a bit now? I went on it a few weeks back and it was pretty dead. Hope your items sell.
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        Ooh, good luck with your new venture. I think lampshades are a good idea, perhaps some fabric covered photo and picture frames to match?
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          Not sure if Craft Jumble has picked up, but the basic listing is free, you can leave it on for 30 days and auto-renew up to 5 times! If nothing sells I've got a box of birthday/christmas pressies for the relatives for the next few years!!

          Picture & photo frames are always popular. The problem is, as with a lot of craftwork, are the imports from china. Sadly everyone wants cheap these days.

          I'm thinking of getting a sewing machine, I've never managed to use one before, but it would help in making larger items. There's a wonderful shop just around the corner that have some secondhand ones for fair prices. I don't want to pay a lot if all I manage to do is sew my fingers together!

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