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  • A narrow line!

    A recent post by someone on this forum has set me thinking..... Where do you draw the fine line between promoting yourself an comitting commercial suicide.
    As a bead store owner i put a great many hours of time and research into product sourcing and fostering a good relationship with manufacturers. I would certainly never disclose any of my sources and feel anoyed if someone says to me "I'm thinking of opening a store. Can you let me know where you get your stock from".
    I do however share sources of my not stock items that I purchase from elsewhere just to create my jewellery, bags and cards.

    I also do childrens parties and am about to circulate a press release about them to local newspapers. I do feel as though I could be about to commit commercial suicide though because by publishing the release I am going to share the party ideas and give other beaders out there the idea that they could do the same thing. I am currently the only person in the area who does it but I'm sure that although I may get more booking etc through the release I may also be fueling competition.

    The line is a fine on. By being enthusiastic about things we may be giving away the secrets that make us a success.
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    I suppose though how many partys would you get if you didn't advertise them? It is a double edged sword sometimes. If you think you would get enough orders for party's without advertising don't do it. However you will probably get far more orders for party's with advertising.

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      It's always a difficult situation but if you don't advertise what you are doing then it wont be a success as no one will know about it. Take some solace in knowing that it was your were the first to do it and you will the best at doing it. Unfortunately the nature of success is that there will always be people who copy your idea to try to cash in but they can never be you!
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        I agree that it can be a very narrow line!

        I think that you do have to be careful about how much information you are willing to give away. I agree that it takes so much time to find good suppliers and ideas that it is not right for someone to expect you just to hand over the information to them.

        I am open about my soap making ingredients so that my customers can feel confident that they are all natural ingredients, but of course this does mean that someone could come along and copy them. I guess it's the same with all crafts, there will always be someone looking for a free ride and willing to copy others rather than get creative themselves!

        I think that you should jump right in with the parties, they're a great idea and even if someone copies you just make sure that you keep your ideas fresh, advertise lots and stay one step ahead of them!!

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          Competition will hear about your parties even if you don't advertise. They then may decide to advertise them which will give them the advantage. At least if you advertise first you will get the upper hand on the market.

          A bit of competition is good, it keeps your mind fresh and a good reason to keep coming up with new ideas.

          I have let some people into the secret of one or two of my suppliers but these peeps aren't in direct competition with me.
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