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  • Craft birthday presents

    Since starting crafts and joining the forum I find I can't buy 'gifts' from shops anymore, and have made the decision that when I buy presents, they will be handmade, from my fellow crafters. I have started the ball rollling by purchasing 2 watches, which my mum is giving me for my birthday. For another friend I am making a mosaic mirror. Anyone else with me???

    I know some things I won't be able to buy 'handmade' (e.g. my BF wants an MP4 for his Bday, not sure that I/anyone here will be able to make that!). But when it comes to my friends, I always buy 'gifty' presents, so from now on its handmade or nothing!
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    I try and do this for the people who'd appreciate handmade stuff. I always try to give a handmade card (as i make them) but this year i've been quite busy and ended up buying a couple of shop bought ones, which i hate doing.
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      I agree it all depends on who you are sending the gift too.

      I like to give candles to my friends and family who I think appreciate them. I personalise the packaging by saying something like "Happy "whatever age" Birthday "whoever".

      They seem to like it but I don't send it to all, only the ones you know would appreciate something hand made.

      All the best.

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        I do handmade gifts for very close family/friends...Never got into the card making thing really! But now dd is a bit older and likes using crayons/pens i'm sure I will turn her scribbles into cards for family members b'days.

        If your ever stuck for a handmade gift? you could always look here....

        Made by lots of lovely wahm's!!

        The new website will be lauched next month (may) too, with lots more crafty mum's!

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          I like to give handmade stuff, purely because it's usually individual that they won't have seen in their average high street store. I think it shows you've thought about it more and not just bought whats 'in fashion'
          Now that i've found this Forum with all your lovely goodies i will probably make my future purchases from here!!
          Roll on Christmas!!!


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            Dreading The Craft Fairs......

            ......I'm going to be totally broke by the time the day's over. Let's hope I sell enough of my stuff to be able to cover all my purchases!

            I could, just for once, be totally organised with the family's Christmas gifts this May 6th!!!

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              I agree, the next birthday ive got is my older brother and he is very sentimental so i was thinking of doing a scrapbook page and framing it. Was goingto do him and his girlfriend as i had a really nice photo from christmas but i just found out that they have split up which means i will now have to rethink!!!!
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                I always make a handmade card..that because thats what I do I suppose! but recently I have been very busy with the business and I just haven't had the time..I said to my friends husband that he would be getting a shop card and the face he pulled was a picture.. 'but I want one with my name on and made with something relevant to me on it like everyone else..' he pouted. I am trapped! I made the card and have promised myself that I will make cards in advance from now on!!
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                  I always make handmade cards as again that it what I do and I made the christening present for a friends daughter - which she loved thank goodness! Two friends are having babies soon so they will be getting handmade gifts - one is a special friend and she is getting a bumper special gift but I can't tell you what it is as she may read this forum!!
                  Once my sewing skills improve I might make bags for friends but we will see.
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                    Originally posted by Apple Tree Crafts View Post
                    ......I'm going to be totally broke by the time the day's over. Let's hope I sell enough of my stuff to be able to cover all my purchases!

                    I could, just for once, be totally organised with the family's Christmas gifts this May 6th!!!

                    I'm the same as you Jules, find it hard not to buy all the lovely things that other people have made. To get round this I only take my float and a couple of quid for tea and thats it. It's the only way I have any money left at the end of the craft fair.

                    I do prefer giving handmade gifts, they're so much more personal. Mostg of my female friends get jewellery, and I try to make sure it's a one off piece, my OH gets little jewellery pressies throughout the year, usually when I'm experimenting with a new gents design.

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                      I am with you all, all of the way. Making crafts for friends and family is a lovely thing to do, but only for those who like that sort of thing.

                      I have some friends who have terrible taste, well by my measure anyway. We have to buy them things that we think are awful, but they like them. At the end of the day whatever floates ya boat!

                      There are lots of great crafts on here that I like so we will definately be purchasing for certain friends soon.

                      Do any of you know the craft centre in Manchester? We buy a lot of stuff from there. It is a lovely place. Lots of little studios with amazingly talented people beavering away inside. If you are ever in Manc then you should pop in, it's very inspiring.

                      Here's a link:
                      Click on the studios and visit some of the websites, beautiful stuff.

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