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What have you wasted your money on?

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  • What have you wasted your money on?

    Now i'm sure we've all bought something (craft related) thinking it would be brilliant only to find out it's c**p and just sits in the back of your stash box.

    I have a few but the one i was most dissapointed with was my deluxe thing-a-majig (for those who don't know it's to make wire patterns).

    What has been your 'waste of money' item?
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    Candle molds believe it or not. You buy some of them thinking wow they are going to be great - most of them are but you get the real duff ones that either use about 2 tons of wax or when the wax is in it doesn't come out again so have to chip the mould and the wax. I tried to melt the wax out of 1 particularly bad mold and made a real mess because the bloody mold melted as well.

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      I've had some disasters it's so difficult buying off the internet, some beads are too big, too small or just plain manky!!!!
      I've also got a drawer full of old jewellery that people think i might 'want' to make things out of, some of it is ok but some of it.... well it's still in the drawer shall we say...


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        .....I bought one as soon as they were released in UK..£90. Then found out how much all the cutters were...sheesh! I got aplhabet sets for birthdays etc. I had the lot.

        I bought the conversion kit too, to do embossing. You name I bought it. And never really used any of it......I sold it all on eBay as a huge package. Luckily there was a bidding war, and I got a lot more than I paid for it all.

        I've bought some fabrics from eBay that look a totally different colour on my monitor to what they actually turned out to be when I got them. But it gets used...eventually

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          Fiskars corner 3 corner punches. Now matter howcareful i am at putting the card in the right place they also seem to cut the corner slightly offside unless i punch upside down which is quite difficult with these punches, I have other brands which i have no trouble with at all. Also their border punches, well any border punches really, even though they have a pattern to line up i always seem to get the last punch in the row wrong and it spoils everthing everytime, its probalbly just me and i dont get on with them!!!!!!


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            Fiskars Mini Shape Boss anyone??

            I bought a mini shape boss to emboss card for my card making..I spent a fortune on the different plastic patterns and have used it about 3 times! I have decided that I don't really like embossing on my cards! Pity I didn't realise that before I spent a small fortune on the thing that is in the bottom draw of one of my craft stash cupboards... actually tomorrow is a 10p listing day on Ebay, I think I might take a few pictures and get rid of a few things.

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              I agree with the fiskars punch. I have a border on that punches and embosses. It's never cut tidy and the embossing part looks pathetic. Out of the 6 fiskar punches i have only one is any good.
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