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Purple Cows 2 in 1 Combo Trimmer & Guillotine

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  • Purple Cows 2 in 1 Combo Trimmer & Guillotine

    Hi all,
    I've just seen a video on the do-crafts website showing this fab looking trimmer. Has anyone got one and what do you think about it?

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    I have had one of these for over a year - it is pretty chunky so I have to admit I tend to get my smaller trimmers out for quick jobs! It is useful to have both types together (they do clip apart if you want them separate).

    It does take a bit of getting used to - the trimmer blade needs to be pushed down when cutting (need to keep an even pressure) - it is great however that you get a selection of blades - and the guillotine takes a while to work out where the cut is going to be to be able to measure this up evenly (there is a bit of an overhang).

    These do sound like negatives but all in all it is a pretty good trimmer - plenty of guidelines marked out to show different sizes. As I use it for general cutting, rather than cardmaking etc where precise measurements are more important, other users may be able to advise better on accuracy of the measurements (and how square it cuts)

    Hope this helps.
    Ali x

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      Thanks Ali, your review helped me make my mind up. I've now ordered one and managed to find it at half price!!