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  • Times they are a changin'

    B*gger, just had a neighbour (to workplace) come round to ask me if I could tell my boss that he is putting his house on the market and "I know he was thinking of selling this place so can I pass on his phone number to possible buyers?".

    Basically this place may not exist/may move to an even more rotten location/I may be out of a job as i cant be b*ggered to travel to a further away location to do a job I dont like.
    I thought things couldnt get any worse!
    Had a rubbish morning, now this...definately friday 13th.

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    Go home early... I am.
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      That would be nice but no ones her to cover me.

      Passed the message onto my boss, he says he'd sell for the right price but its probably more to do with fences(!!!)

      Never thought Id say this but I hope i keep my job and he doesnt sell up!!

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