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  • December Blog Giveaway Help!

    I am doing a blog giveaway and need to pick some brains! What is the blogiquette if you like about asking your followers to link to your giveaway to advertise it for you? Is that frowned upon? also, how do you go about contacting them, tried it yesterday and somehow ended up following my own blog! Sorry if this sounds a bit dim but only just got my head around publishing blog and pictures!

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    Originally posted by Not Just Handbags View Post
    tried it yesterday and somehow ended up following my own blog!
    Not too sure what the blog etiquette for this would be but was glad to see that someone else managed to accidently follow themselves, I did this the other day when trying to click on some one and now i cant fix it! lol

    Hopefully someone will be along in a bit to let you knwo what they think
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      lol not just me then! I went into manage followers bit and chose to 'unfollow'


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        Sorry I can't help but just to let you know I follow my own blog too!!

        I cant remember how or why I clicked the follow button on my own blog! But now I find its useful to see the taster section of your own blog posts on the dashboard, you can view it how others will see it before they click to read more.