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How are we all decorating our Christmas table this year?

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  • How are we all decorating our Christmas table this year?

    Ive been looking for ideas and inspirations for when it comes to decorating our Christmas dinner table this year. So I would be interested to hear of your ideas and creations you may have in mind or ready made yourself.

    One thing I have thought of doing is to make up some crackers and decorate them individually and personalise them in some way or another. Really dont know what to put inside of them tho as the gift would have to be quite small.

    Ive got my red tablecloth and gold table mats and charger plates but I want to decorate the table with something too. There will be 3 children too so I wanted to put something on the table especially for them either around their chair or in front of them on the table itself.

    Would love to hear what you are all doing.
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    I have no idea, but I really envy you the 3 children. Christmas is just not the same when the kids have left home.
    Gail x

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