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  • ultimate crafters companion

    have read mixed reports about this but because I had a good discount week at work and hubby wanted it we decided to treat ourselves mainly because of the box maker and the envelope maker
    haven't really had time to play properly with it but have made quite a few boxes with it and also an envelope and then hubby made a card which had a pig on it with a curly tail and the tail was quite 3D sticking up from the card, he then realised it wouldn't go in a normal envelope so I had a go at making an 'envelobox' using the crafters companion and it was a success
    obviously everyone has their opinion about what is good and what isn't but I would recommend this and plan to use ours lots ( when I have time to play lol )

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    I have the ultimate and I love mine, I use it a lot. The only thing I don't like, so don't use on it is the trimmer. That is the only thing I can say against it.
    Apart from that it gets a 10/10 from me....
    Regards Sue


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      Yep, I love mine too... not used all of it yet, as just haven't had time but what I've used so far I love


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        I have got this, but got it very sneakily. Had wanted to get it for a long time (but pennies or lack of them prevented me from buying it) and then saw that it was being given away as a freebie if I subscribed to a card-0making mag. Not a great fan of card-making mags, but helps keep up with what's new. So, I took out the subscription and got my free Crafters Companion and of course, much cheaper than it is being sold for.

        It is good - haven't used all parts of it yet but agree with Susan61 I don't like/use the trimmer, but have one anyway so no probs.

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