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  • More Fantastic News!!

    Hi Again,

    Im so busy at the moment, i wish i could spend more time chatting to everyone on here, but I have some more fantastic news!!

    I have secured my first business premises from January next year to run childrens workshops, sell my kits and hopefully expand NE Day Crafts.

    Great location in North East England, free parking, childrens outdoor play area & cafe- what more could i ask for???

    Also just launched "Party Pack" Creativity Kits, which are in sets of 10- great for kids parties, playgroups etc. I have attended 7 Christmas Fairs this month & 5 next month & so far, sales for my kits are through the roof

    Check out more of my creativity kits

    As you can imagine, I am very happy, love my job & smile constantly to what I have acheived...Anyone reading this will hopefully feel, life is worth living for and the skies the limit, if you want it bad enough

    Take care & speak soon

    Vicky xx
    Vicky LLoyd
    NE Day Crafts

    For Kids Everywhere

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    Well done Vicky - that is fantastic news. You must be sooooo excited.

    One craft project, like one cookie, is never enough!
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      Congratulations! I also believe that determination, perseverance, believing in yourself, etc... makes things happen.

      Good luck with the premises!
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        Congratulations Vicky!

        NE Crafts seem to be really going well - this is definitely a great next step for you. Wishing you every success with your new venture - please keep us posted (& photos when you have got everything finished!!)
        Ali x

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          Oh Congratulations Vicky. How wonderful. You must be living a dream.
          I will have to pop by next time i am in Darlington.
          Good Luck darl xxx

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            Congratulations Vicky that is great news I'm very pleased for you. I wish you every success with your new business premises.
            el oh vee eee...

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              [IMG]http://*****************/xmas-smiley-7755.gif[/IMG] that's great news! You'll be busy sorting all that out then - but it should hopefully make a great start to the new year! [IMG]http://*****************/xmas-smiley-7733.gif[/IMG]
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                Wow well done you! So nice to hear a success story.
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                  congratulations to you on your great news
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                    congratulations, hope it goes well


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                      Thank you, Thank You, Thank You

                      Thank you so much for your lovely comments,

                      I am thrilled to know so many people have supported me in this journey so far- i love networking, chatting and meeting lovely people and will promise to keep you all updated on NE Day Crafts progress

                      Thank again & speak soon

                      Vicky xx
                      Vicky LLoyd
                      NE Day Crafts

                      For Kids Everywhere


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                        Wonderful. What a giant leap into the future for you. All the good wishes in the world. You have put a lot of effort into it. Well done.
                        God helps them that help themselves.


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                          Congratulations I wish you every success


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                            Great News Vicky I hope it goes well for you
                            Chris xx
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