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  • DVD discs- compatible with UK


    I've found an instructional dvd for a craft I'm doing but its from an Australian site & apparently my DVD player needs to be compatible with NTSC format (the UK is PAL apparently).

    Does anyone know if we can play the NTSC discs in dvd players in the UK please.

    Or can they be played via my computer?

    I don't want to send for it & then find I can't play it as it's non-refundable.



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    Does it say what region it is?
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      Yes, we can play NTSC discs here - you need to check the specs of your DVD player to see if it is NTSC compatible. It may be general region, or it may be set to region 4 (for countries which include australia). A lot of modern DVD players allow you to change the region from the default (we're 2) a certain number of times.
      To play it on your computer you would probably need NTSC to PAL converter software (not sure about this, as I've always bought NTSC compatible video and DVD players as I have american and australian friends!!)


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        Hi Sharon,

        My hubby owns his own computer shop and has told me that you wont be able to play the DVD on your DVD player as it would have done so instantly if it were compatible. Most players will only play PAL (uk) DVD's.

        If you download a free piece of software called VLC media player, then you will be able to play any format DVD on your computer. Type into any serach engine and you can download it asap.

        Hope you enjoy watching the DVD.



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          One thing that bears mentioning about DVD players being changed to play other region DVD's, is that the hardwear can lock up after about 5 or 6 changes to and fro, the machine won't work after that. Also I believe that even if your player is NTSC compatible, you TV set must be NTSC compatible as well.

          As said before, much better to go the software, and watch on computer route.

          PS - I can recommend the VLC media player, I use it all the time. IMO a lot better than Windows Player.
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            compatible dvds

            Thanks to all you techies out there!

            Will have a think about whether the dvd will be worth the hassle!