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  • Little Boxes - opinions

    As you may all know, I work with Fimo, and have been making card toppers which are very popular.
    I saw some little boxes today and wondered if it would be a good idea to make something along the lines of 'first tooth' boxes ' first lock of hair' boxes etc.
    The boxes are cardboard and undecorated so I could really go to town on them
    My questions are:
    1. would you buy something like that
    2. What kind of colour scheme would work
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    My first tooth boxes...

    I have seen first tooth boxes before and thought they were a nice idea. I am not a parent so can't give that point of view, but sounds good to me. Colours - pink and blue or am I being way too obvious and stereotypical!???
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      I think they would sell. They would make a nice new baby present. I would stick with the obvious with the colours (pink and light blue) and maybe a lemon or something neutral.
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        I think they would sell well. Like the others said, i'd focus on the traditional colours but maybe do a couple in other shades too. Sounds like a really good idea!!
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          I think they would be a good idea. Like someone siad a good idea for a present.

          When my eldest was born I got a set of 3 boxes from someone with different things written on. First lock of hair and 2 others which I cant remember They were baby blue and I really liked them.

          If you are going to do first tooth ones bear in mind the age kids loose their teeth for appropriate colours. I made my 7 year old a purple & blue pillow with a toothfairy pocket on the front - so the toothfairy can replace it with a coin - but if it had been baby blue he wouldnt have liked it lol.
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            I also think they would be a good idea. I agree with the others about the colors. A light green would also be a good addition.



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              I made a first tooth box once and cut a tooth shape out of shrink plastic to add to it, it looked like a small charm.

              If you stick to more traditional colours but not too wishy washy and added things like this you could use the boxes for first lock oif hair too and add a suitable decoration to that also. This way it keeps your making costs down and makes them into a set of boxes for people to buy

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