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    I'm attempting to make the majority of my christmas presents this year. What would you make for retired Grandads? It's hard enough buying for men sometimes, let alone making them something!

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    Depends on their interests, my dad (not quite retired) likes steam engines and engineeringy stuff as well as food - so rum truffles would work for him, or something trainy.

    My FIL only has the interest of his local football team and doesn't eat chocs because they are on the banned list from his dr as he has high blood pressure... so something in his team colours I guess!
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      They're tough to buy for, aren't they?

      I've just found a site selling cheap glass jars and bottles so I might make something to put in them... not sure what though!


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        I make cufflinks and bookmarks when I need something for a man. Other than that I find it really difficult.
        full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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          go to your local woods find a nice peice of hazel and make a thumb stick it like a Y shape walking stick varnish it up there you go
          i might be completely wrong with that i am just going on what my grandad would like as he is a country man