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Digital Cameras ............ again

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  • Digital Cameras ............ again

    Right thanks for everyone who gave me advice on digital cameras. However I am totally bamboozled by the whole thing. Can anyone recommend a camera that they have found that is realitively inexpensive but gives good quality picutres.

    I know Mr Media will have some good ideas being the photographic genius that he is.


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    Fuji get my vote!

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      Join the club....

      of confused people.
      I too am totally flumoxed.
      I'm trying to sort out some piccies for the website and i just don't know.
      Using mum and dads Kodak digital which looks really good when i printed them off onto photo paper, i'm having trouble with the sizes though, they seem to upload onto the website HUGE so i have to squash them which makes the piccie a bit distorted.
      I will try to post some now, so you can see but not sure if i will be successful.... Here goes....
      Well that didn't work, apparently my photos are too big for the forum!!
      How do i make them smaller Mr M???


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        To make pictures smaller you can use photo software. I use paint shop pro because it's all I've got but it is a bit rubbish! Another trick I use is to upload my photo's to my Flickr account and then once they are on there you can choose different sizes to see - just download the smaller size onto your machine and hey presto - an image that is small enough to go on the forum!
        Only a bit of a problem if you don't have a Flickr account!!
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          I've got a Kodak Easyshare camera and software and it really is soooooo easy. I had an Olympus before and the software was a nightmare. I'm getting another Kodak when I upgrade. Have a look on for reviews.

          Hope this helps.

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            Thanks for that, it is a mine field out there and I really haven't got the first clue.

            All the best.

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              here is a little info (as I understand it) about digital photo's etc..

              When you take the photo it is stored in high quality on your camera or on your memory card. When you transfer it to you PC it will be a large file (as in it will be a big file size). Very roughly it might be about 1MB in size.

              After you have your images on your PC you need to open them up in a photo editing package. Any will do really, the best you can get, but all cameras tend to have a software package bundled in that should do fine.

              Ok, so you've got your photo open. Look for the image properties menu next (or similar) and try and find details of:

              Then look for DPI. (The dots per inch (or resolution) of the image).
              Chances are it will be quite high, say 300dpi. This is what is making your image file size so big.
              For web use you can quite happily reduce your image to 72dpi. This will still give you high quality images but will make them much smaller.

              For web images I find that an image size of approx 20cm x 15cm works well. So next look for the image size menu and choose a similar such size.

              Both these measures will have reduced the image file size of your image considerably but the image quality will still be very good.

              Now set up a folder to save you new smaller images into. Click 'save as' and choose .jpg as your file format. Chances are you will get a pop up box offering you the ability to increase or decrease the 'quality' of your .jpg. You can experiment until you get a trade off between reducing the file size of your image firther still and keeping the quality of image you want.

              You should be able to get a 1MB (that's approx 1000KB) photo out of your camera down to about 50KB -150KB and still have a good quality image to put up on your website.

              This will help your pages load faster and allow you put image up on the forum too!

              Hope that helps a little. I have had to make many assumptions as all cameras and photo editing packages are different.

              If you need more specific help feel free to post up and I will try to help if i can.
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                Almost spot on..

                dpi dots per inch is what you us for print..

                all magazine pape's etc you need a image at 300dpi but on the web everything is 72dpi .. Thats how the web and browsers work..

                By changing the dpi like steve said reduces the size of the image.. The pixels..

                Pixels are what matter..

                A website should work at 780 pixels wide to cover all sizes of screens.. thus the maxium image size on a page with navigation should be between 400-500 pixels wide...

                I hope that all make sense..

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                  Thanks Steve

                  That's a good piece of instruction for someone like me to be able to sort things out.


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                    Originally posted by icecreamgirl View Post
                    of confused people.
                    i'm having trouble with the sizes though, they seem to upload onto the website HUGE so i have to squash them which makes the piccie a bit distorted.
                    Hey depending on what software you're using there is normally an option to compress the image (look for an advanced or option tab when saving the image) this won't affect the 'size' in terms of pixels but it should mean you can reduce the file size. Setting the compression to 30% should be enough to reduce the file size without ruining the quality, if the file size is still too big and the quality is still good you can always compress it again....

                    Hopefully that makes sense! If you have any problems you can pm me and i'll try and help!
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                      Thanx everyone, you are all v helpfull i'm off round dad's tonight so he said he will show me on his computer.
                      I'm sure it will all click into place at some point!!


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                        Getting depressed now.....

                        So i've got my new-fangled camera, managed to take some piccies and they are on the computer.
                        I can view them and fiddle with them using my software.... then i tried to upload them.....
                        After an evening of finding where the hell the flipping computer has put them (in the bowels of the earth it seems) in order to upload,
                        it now seems my photos are VERY BIG!!!!
                        After reading this thread i am trying to reduce the size of the photos and not having much luck.
                        I can go to edit photos, crop, which gives the option of size of piccies.
                        Trouble is when i make them smaller it just crops part of the photo in order to make it smaller. I want it the same picture, just smaller size in order to up load but it just comes out as part of the picture....
                        Anyone wanna come round my house and do it for me before i get the shotgun out (for the computer btw, not me)!!


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                          If it is like mine you don't want to crop as this will just chop the picture up. I go into EDIT and then RESIZE IMAGE when I do this I get the option to reduce the picture by whatever percentage I think. I keep going up and down until I get the size I want and then save it to somewhere I will remember where it is.

                          Hope this helps.


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                            A New File...

                            ....make a new file on your desk top! That's what I've done, it's got a stupid title, so I can't miss it when I'm looking for where I want to dump all my pictures. Or put downloaded stuff etc...anything that's mine goes into my file.

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                              I have at last found the resizing option.
                              Now if only i knew a gaddamm thing about pixels....
                              It will not beat me!!!!
                              Going to Colchester now to look at the new shop.(or what we hope will be the new shop!)
                              Will carry on the fight when i get back.....
                              Thanx all.....