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I know it's silly but I'm excited!!

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  • I know it's silly but I'm excited!!

    Hello everyone,
    When I was exhibiting at the Hobby craft exhibition last month I met a few journalists that have been in contact with me since so that they can write bits about my business in their craft mags. Anyway today I have had my first mention! It's just a small piece in Quick and Crafty magazine but I have already had two orders because of it and it only came out two days ago! I bought a copy today and I am all excited!
    Sorry I just needed to tell someone!
    Anice xx
    Funkyhand x
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    That is fantastic.

    Well done
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      Its not silly, its VERY exciting, well done!!

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        That's brilliant, not silly at all! Well done you! Hope the sales keep coming!

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          Don't blame you for being excited I would too. Well done.

          All the best.

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            Not silly at all.

            It's brilliant. PR is the way to go. Much better than simply advertising, and free too.

            I am sure you have already, but get a press release together and get your story/products out there.

            That's gonna be my approach once I have been operating for a while and have built up more unique stock items.

            Your papers and designs are fantastic so I am not surprised mags want to feature them.
            Well done and I hope you get loads of orders from your mag appearances.

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              Thats really good, it might have been a small mention but the little things lead onto the big things and if you've already had two orders through it there may be lots more to follow.
              May this be the start of things to come!
              Well done you.
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                Well done you!!!

                I quite often buy crafty magazines, and i always look at the little articles to see where to buy products on line. I'm sure lots of other people do this too. So just because it's a small piece dosn't mean that loads of people won't look at it!!
                Good luck - i supose you will be soooo busy you won't have time for the forum any more


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                  Fantastic Anice - well done!! Here's hoping for more orders and mentions to come soon!
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                    Well done, that's great. Buy a few copies and laminate the article then you can use it when (if) you do craft fairs or anything similar.

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                      Thanks everyone

                      Thanks for all your responses. I have been taking advantage of all the feature opportunities that I have got with the magazines and over the next few months I have little items scattered through a few of them. It is much better than just advertising (which I currently do at a high price I might add!!) I will keep my fingers crossed that business will keep increasing as it has done for the last few months, and I will keep hawking my press releases to everyone who will listen!!
                      Anice xx
                      Funkyhand x
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                          Well done you you should be proud of yourself.


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                            That's great news! Well done!!


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                              That is so amazing! Well done, bet you've been on cloud 9 all day (and for the rest of the week!!)
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