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What is SEO and some tip's and how to's!

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  • What is SEO and some tip's and how to's!

    Of late we have loads of questions about SEO (search engine optimisation)

    This article is about a year old so it not perfect right now but if you take the time to read it your be able to understand a bit about how search engine work..

    The suggested company are US and for corp's

    Please refference this thread for anyone who ask about "promoting a site" on search engines..

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    Plenty of information there thanks!

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      Scruffy Moo!

      i saw your site when i was looking at setting up my handmade greetings cards website, and loved your work. I now sell jewellery too but I am currently making it my aim to learn a smuch SEO as possible. I am currently working on a how to page on my site have a look -
      it would be great if you could add a few products and tutorials on here with pictures too, and I will add a few links back to your site this will help with SEO. I can see that you have an excellent page rank on both your sites - how long have they been live?

      wouls love to hear back from you, thanks

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        juls, i have a page on wood information. i make fountain pens. i dont come up in a search for fountain pens. i don think i ever will, its so competitive. but, if someone puts in a search for the name of a rare wood then i am being found. not entirely satisfactory but...

        perhaps a page on the materials you use, how they are processed, dyed etc. its a little work to gather the info but it will pay off. use various sources edited here and there post it on your site.

        edited, missed a bit.


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          oh dear posted on wrong thread


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            Aurrida - - Hi

            Just read your post about your website not being at the top of the Google list. I'm pertty new at this game and am only in the process of writing my own first website but I just did a few searches on Google for your site. I looked at the source code of your site in Google and in particular your meta tags. Did you write your own site and design the meta tags yourself? You have almost nothing in there which will identify your site with search words that people would use if they want a hand made pen or a wooden hand made pen. You only have one phrase in your mata tags which is unique to your site and that is "made from some of the most beautiful woods and acrylics from around the world" When I put this line into Google search you came up top of the list. Every other key word from your source code I used just ignored you. The trouble is nobody is ever going to type that particular phrase into Google. If you would take some advice from a novice you will revise your mete tags and put in search keywords and phrases like - hand made pens - hand made wooden pens - hand made chrome pens and words and phrases that are repeated in your site and so on and then the search engines and their robots will put you at the top of the list. You make a beautiful hand crafted product and you deserve to be there.................Clive
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              There is a huge information and that is not just an article but a full strategy for SEOing the site.
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                I'm pretty new with website building as well. I just created a website to share what I have enjoyed and find the SEO stuff pretty confusing. The article helped me alot. Thank you!!
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                  On page and off page

                  I have been struggling with learning SEO for the past couple of years, I now have, not the big picture, but a big picture. By which I mean there is more than one way to promote your site.

                  There was a mass of useful information in the link provided, but what a mass of information to be presented with if you are new to SEO, the first thing I would have thought 2 years ago was "Where do you start".

                  Take my word for it understanding SEO should be quite straightforward.

                  There is on site optimisation and off site optimisation, the one makes your website accessible and friendly to the search engines, the other builds credibility and traffic.

                  I think I may well put together an SEO marketing manual for craftsman, a lot of craftsman have a problem with doing that, I know I did when I first started marketing our workshops & later websites.

                  Yes, I do think SEO is simple, now I know what I know.

                  The proof of the pudding is in the eating....I don't suppose the admin would like me posting links so I shan't.

                  But do a search on Google for bookbinding and see where eden workshops appears.

                  I wish everyone online and offline success.

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                    try also, for extra information
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                      Google has some got some really good books... I had a look through amazon and typed in SEO and it brought up some really great books. I ordered a couple and they've proved to be really helpful.
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                        Your signature must be related to uk crafts, not an online printing service in the US. We are not a billboard, we are a crafts discussion forum.


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                          If you need more info on SEO then you can now get some direct from the horses mouth, Google.

                          They recently released a guide to SEO for people that know nothing about it.

                          You can read it here (sorry, it's a PDF file that Google released... I don't know why)

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                            Really Great information there thanks for sharing ..
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                              can anybody recommend a real good book for SEO, it seems like an interesting topic. i need a book which has everything about SEO