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2 new crafters!!! :)

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  • 2 new crafters!!! :)

    This weekend 2 of my closest friends came over for a girly weekend and my poor Other half got kicked out to the pub (bless )

    Neither of them were crafty and despite my best efforts in the past to get them to give it a go (after they complained they didn't have a hobby) they had always refused and insisted they weren't creative enough!

    Anyway, Sunday afternoon was a bit grey and they didn't want to go out. So they started to show me their diary from New York and began doodling in it. Whilst they were doodling they both commented that they didn't like doodling just the colouring in bit. On went the lightbulb in my head and out came the stamps!

    Before i knew it they were squealing with delight and stamping stuff on to any piece of paper they could out came the trusty Cuttlebug, the Nesties and the rest of my crafting stash!!

    Several hours later they had made cards, book marks, christmas decorations...the works!!

    I never got any actual crafting done myself but i had so much fun just helping them! And when one of them proudly held her card up for us to see and declared that she had finally found a hobby i nearly burst with happiness.

    Isn't it funny how showing someone else how to craft can almost give you more pleasure than crafting yourself! I felt so proud of them too (awww) though i was slightly envious that they managed to stamp a perfect image almost straight away (don't think i managed that lol!)


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    Fab.. Watch your stash now though lol it may mysteriously just disappear!!!!!
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      It's great when we have friends who share our hobbies... does this mean you'll be having regular crafty get togethers?

      And of course they'll need a crafty shopping spree which will almost certainly need you to assist with


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        I love crafty shopping spress unfortunately dh doesn't share my enthusiasm. x