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  • Crafting Sunday's

    What has everyone spent their Sunday doing? I have tidied and organised my crafting boxes, done some more to my knitting project, made some birthday cards, and baked some cookies. Busy crafty day really good Sunday though. Hope everyone elses has been good too.
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    cooked for 8 adults today and 2 young children
    was dreading it but all went well, organised a lot of it yesterday so it went like clockwork !!!


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      Finished off three spalted beech bowls and an ash bowl in a bowl then went and collected a load of wood from a freecycler. Wish I had my old LWB Landy back. Loads more if I could have got it in.

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        Car booting, housework...Yuk!!, crafting now muliti tasking with tea-time,ironing ang being on here!lol


        oh and enjoying the sun!!!


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          Think everyone has had busy day, replanted hanging baskets first went food shopping, have made bath bombs and bath creamers, am now going to cook dinner, keep meaning to tidy up soare room where I work but never seem to find the time. still got ironing to do


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            I sat outdoors all day at my regular craft fair, but now the season's coming to a close it was very quiet and I didn't take much.



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              Went to a Medieval Re-enactment day, then made a cloche hat and chemo cap for a custom order. Tonight will catch up with my folks and do the ironing
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                Photographed photos of bag charms, tried to mop the endless stream of runny nose from my baby, ironed, washed, and tried to exercise on the wii - apparenntly I have the fitness age of 52 (I am 33) - oh well.

                And now, looking forward to watching the xfactor
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                  I spent the morning with my grandson while his mum and my other half went shopping then finished a couple of projects.


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                    Busy busy busy who says this is the day of rest started on the mammoth headband making paused.....did the ironing...went back to the headbands paused ... cut the lawns....decided it was too nice to stay in doors got the tv table set up in the garden and whacked off 10 headbands Very Pleased with my self and Ive cooked dinner, hoovered, dusted all the house and cleaned bathroom!!!

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                      Fab Sunday everyone

                      Sounds like everyone has had a fab Sunday and done loads. You've all made me feel really guilty for not doing more housewrok though. lol. I love spending lazy days fitting crafting around other bits. Have a lovely week everyone looking forward to next weekends crafts. Also I've given you all rep points fo the fab answers and fab crafty day!
                      Angels can fly because they take themselves so lightly.
                      Merry Christmas



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                        sat in the garden reading in the blazing sunshine watching my son toddle around, then came inside and made 3 sock animals, a cow a pink and black zebra and a erm ... cross between a donkey, a leopard and a disco ball!

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                          OH did a car boot sales, which allowed me to concentrate on cutting out some christmas decoupage.

                          This afternoon we went to PC World & bought new lap top. Spent rest of day installing software & setting up my wireless connection.


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                            Originally posted by hanhan View Post
                            What has everyone spent their Sunday doing? I have tidied and organised my crafting boxes
                            I did that last weekend and felt so much better after it was done. I was really ruthless and got rid of loads of things I don't (and probably never will) use. Bagged it all up and gave to a little girl who has just started cardmaking. Lots got listed on ebay too.
                            I've got so much more space now and space to actually work so today I sat down and designed my christmas range that I had been trying to do for weeks.
                            Apart from that all the ebay stuff I had listed ended tonight and most of that sold (and for great prices too ) so have been organising the packaging etc for all of that.


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                              We went to a local scarecrow festival and then had some visitors.... so this evening I have finished off a cross stitch Christmas card. It was far too sunny and warm to be indoors all day [IMG]http://*****************/not-tagged-smiley-11572.gif[/IMG]
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