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It's finally first craft fair!!!

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  • It's finally first craft fair!!!

    It's this Saturday and I'm really excited but really paniced at the same time! I have about 35 mosaic mirrors made, in various shapes, colours and sizes, about 16 photo frames and 20 half finished coasters!

    I have all my leaflets printed, business cards, a stand with my company name on, labels printed, bags, bubble head is spinning trying to think of everything I need! I did a test run of setting up my stall and am really pleased with the look.

    The only thing to do now is sell something! I hope I do, that is my big fear - all this build up and not making any sales. I will update you all on how I get on. And then I have another the weekend after, so it will all start again!

    Sorry, a very 'me' thread this one, please feel free to add your comments and share your wise words!
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    I know exactly how you are feeling !!
    I wish you all the luck in the world xx
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      Hello! I haven't got any wise words I am afraid but, I just want to wish you all the luck in the world for your fair. If you have forgotten something don't worry..just learn for the next time. Enjoy yourself, I'm betting it will be a really success.
      Anice xxx
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        Deep Breaths!

        You'll be fine! The one after this will be much easier, you'll know if you want to change anything, and if you forgot anything on the first one, that you might need on the second.

        Take a note pad & pen, to jot down ideas that you might have, or that you might see other crafters doing (their displays, advertising etc) and also to write down commission details!

        Most of all, and this is very important, relax! Enjoy yourself! Easier said than done, I know. But if you're smiling, then the customers will be more relaxed too, and they'll feel they can approach you & chat!

        Good Luck!

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          Just wanted to wish you luck and hope you make many sales. I haven't got any words of wisdom as i've never done one myself. But i have done some craft parties and the one thing i found was when people bought anything they usyally handed over a note even if the sale was only £1 or so, so my advice is make sure you have plenty of change in your float.

          All the best and i look forward in hearing how you get on.
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            I've got my first craft fair this saturday that I have organised!

            I'm really looking forward to it, and I will be selling my jewellery there too.

            Busy week ahead for me!

            Good luck with your fairs and I hope you have a great day - enjoy it!

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              I've got one one Sunday so I've got loads of prep to do also. Few notes...

              1. Plenty of change - £1's, 50p's
              2. Pen & paper to write down all your sales!!!!!
              3. Work to be doing while you are there so people can see you actually working.
              4. Large flask of coffee - pour yourself one as soon as you get there!
              5. Sarnies, choccy and fruit for your dinner

              Go girl !!!!!!!!

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                Thank you all! I bought a book last week to write down sales I make etc (it is pink and has flowers on it - very pretty!). Have been saving change and five pound notes for my float - can you also go into the bank and ask for some money in change? And I have asked if I can bring a small table with me to place behind my stall and make mosaics. I really want to try making a mosaic mirror in shades of black/white/grey so think I will make a start on that.
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                  Good luck Fiona,Katian,and Helen dont forget to report back to us all on how you all got onxxxx


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                    Good Luck!!

                    Hope you sell out!!
                    Yes you can get change from your bank - if they ask if it's for yourself or business just say yourself - then you won't get charged anything!!
                    Make freinds with the other stall holders then you will find out about other craft fairs worth booking.
                    I'm excited for you


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                      Good Luck hun!!

                      Hope it all goes well. I'm sure you'll be fine and sell out before you know it!


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                        Good luck with your craft fair.

                        Enjoy it, and look as though you're enjoying it. Get chatting to the customers, because I'm sure mostly they are pretty friendly.

                        The other bit of advise is....don't spend more than you make. I am always tempted by everyone elses creations, but I always have to remind myself I'm there to sell not to buy. Not easy but can be done.

                        I tell myself if I make a fortune at one then I'll buy...


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                          I was going to mention that. Take plenty of food and drink with you. I take a huge cool bag because I generally have my kids with me and I ended up spending more on food and drink than I ever made.

                          It is very tempting to buy loads from the other stallholders but I generally hold off to see how my sales are going. If I am having a bad day I don't buy. No point in being there all day and ending up in minus figures.

                          Most of all enjoy the other stallholders are generally good fun and you have a laugh with them and the customers.

                          All the best.

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                            Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great - your product is lovely and you sound well prepared!

                            Like the others said, don't spend more than you earn (and in my case don't take your partner who wants to buy cakes and drinks and everything in site!)

                            Relax, smile and talk to people. Have confidence in yourself and your product (i struggle with that one!) and most importantly have fun!

                            Let us know how it goes!
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                              Good luck everyone.

                              Can't wait to read the reports of how much you sold.