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    I've signed up to do a Handmade Jewellery Craft Fair in June and really was looking for advice from people that have done them before.

    I make mainly watches, though I will have other items too, so was wondering, how much to take, price ranges is that important, really any advice or tips as I am worried allready!!

    Many thanks


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    You Need to....

    .......put this in the Craft Fair threads, it'll get noticed more there!

    I'm sure there'll be lots of jewellers along to help you shortly.

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      I'm no expert as i have only done a few and am still learning myself.

      Price is very important; if you price too low people will doubt the quality and if too high people will go elsewhere. I would recommend looking for similar items either online or at other fairs to get an idea!

      You should take enough to fill your table with and some extra to replace anything you sell. Try not to overcrowd your table.

      I'd get a nice cloth to cover your table and some kind of display platform.

      Lay some business cards/flyers out with your details on your table and (if you make necklaces etc) don't forget a mirror! (I often have to send my other half back for it! Doh!)

      Some kind of packaging allways looks good too.

      Can't think of anything else right now but i'll be back if i do!

      Hope that helps,
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        Maybe you could put a few pairs of earrings in the front. I heard it seems to attract people to a stall and this is in the lower price range. A few bag charms maybe?

        I think £20 is really the minimum you should charge for handmade watches, I thought more around £30 or 40. They are all unique unlike what you find at a jewellers! Maybe have a few between £20 to £50 depending on the material used. For instance if you use swarovski crystals I am sure that watch would be well over the £30!!!
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          Hi, i've just had a look at your page and love your watches, i've seen similar ones at stalls for 25.00 and they are definatley worth that.
          I agree about the earings. I do mostly private parties but i never make enough earings. (People like sterling silver earwires) and they are a good seller as they are under a fiver and gets people in the buying mood. (it's a good thing if there are mum's going to be there as it's a good inexpensive pressie to buy the daughters!!)
          What about matching some earings to the colours of the watches?
          Good Luck!!