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How does my stall look?

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  • How does my stall look?

    hi folks,
    I'd love some feedback on how my stall looks please!!
    (pics are on my profile page)
    My recent shows have been very slow, I was wondering if I'm missing something?
    Happy Crafting!

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    I think it looks great.
    If it cheers you up my bags aren't selling (although they are admired) and everyone around me is complaining selling is very slow....but they are optimistic trade will pick up ....around Christmas........


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      Claire, your display looks fab, I love the colour grouping and the different levels. Keep your chin up the tide is turning!
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        I would definitely pop over and have a nosey at your stall, the colour grouping and levels make it look really professional. As the previous posters have mentioned, things are picking up !!


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          I think the stall looks lovely, the colours are great, id definately be drawn to it.

          The only thing I can think of is that you only have the one design, so maybe people would prefer a bit more choice? If they dont like that design then youre stuffed basically.


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            I love the stall and the way you have laid it out!
            Colours are wonderful and im sorry to hear things are slow...
            Sending you virtual vibes of a boosting sales nature! xx
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              I love these bags - hate to mention colours but just read that pale blue is going to be the winter colour - which I hate!


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                I think your stall looks fab! It must just be that people are being a little careful with their money.

                I have been at a Craft Fair in Stratford every Sunday for a month now and things are slower in general.
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                  stall looks great. how busy are the fairs you are doing? maybe people will buy more nearer christmas.
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                    having seen your stall close up, i can honestly say you have a lovely set up .
                    If it's any help the last event we did with you was hard work sales wise ..lots of lookers and browers but very few sales.

                    bags like jewellery are a luxury and not everybody has the spare money for them but hopefully people will be come christmas
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                      Hi stall looks lovely and professional. Things are sow at the moment that is true!

                      However I do agree about the design, nothing wrong with it but maybe give customers a bit more choice?

                      Also your colours are very "autumn" and in a Summer craft fair it would have been a great idea to have added in some bright colors... but then again I am also a sucker for brights!!

                      I bet your bags would look stunning in bright green, orange, blue or yellow!

                      Also in a tough £ climate one suggestion is to run promotions exclusively @ the craft fairs...I find it helps!!

                      Hope my honesty helps in some way

                      Monica xxx


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                        Hi Claire - we met briefly at the Lutterworth craft fair earlier this year!! I think your daughter bought a pair of earring from me

                        I love the stall layout in your photos and am thinking about treating myself to one of your bags for my birthday in December too

                        The 2 things that spring to mind are;

                        1. Something someone else has mentioned - the colors in the display are quite 'Autumnal' and as much as they look lovely, I think some really striking brights would work well too, perhaps a hot pink (hint hint) or a lemon yellow or scarlet?

                        2. I love the fact that your bags are all the same shape and theme/style - it immediately stamps your mark on them as a designer (something I really struggle with in my jewellery) - but, because they look quite 'designer-y' people may look at them and think 'oh they'll be expensive'. I was pleasantly surprsied by the prices when I saw them (I thought they would be a lot more than they are), so it might be an idea to have a couple of fairly prominent price signs somewhere on your display to catch peoples eye.

                        I think it has generally been quiet at fairs this year, I've done a couple of what are usually good fairs and have struggled to make much profit, but then had astounding sales at unlikely locations (small primary school fete in a not very well off area)

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                          Hello, love the layout of your stall, I agree with what others have said about more colours. Another tip, have you thought about making bag charms ? you could sell them alongside your bags or even little knitted embelishments that you could pin onto the bags (Love your bags and i think a nice funky fabric flower that I could attach to it would really set it off) When im looking for a bag myself, i like to be able to customize it to make it more unique, Just a few ideas also maybe a bowl of sweets Ive seen this at a few fairs all the kids drag there mummys to the stalls with sweeties on lol
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                            Love love love the orange bags.

                            The stall looks really great, I would echo what has been previously said about pricing and making it more prominent. A show promotional offer might also entice buyers?

                            Keep it up, Christmas is just around the corner and I hope sales will pick up.
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                              thank you everyone for such thoughtful replies, I'm feeling much more positive about the stall layout, also more hopeful for christmas fairs...
                              Happy Crafting!

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