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Have you seen the new ebay feed back system?

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  • Have you seen the new ebay feed back system?

    As from today, the ebay feed back system has changed.

    Buyers are now able to rate sellers on individual aspects of their service eg. postage, quality, descriptions etc.

    As a seller i am all for the changes as they highlight an all round good service.

    Another change is that rather than a discreet number on a list, all your purchases are listed by name. Not a problem if you are buying beads from me, but how about if you are buying personal products or (as someone on another forum said) size 20 knickers. I don't think I'd be up to buying such items if I felt the whole world could see large and clear!!
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    I sympathize, being blessed with childbearing hips and the bum to match (thanks mum)... Well theres only one thing for it; say they are for your sister


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      I have used just the new system to give feedback - I think it's much better, as you can rate different aspects. I noticed yesterday that what I have bought is now displayed as well - not so sure about that part, but that star rating is good.
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        I agree, it's good to be able to reward people for things like realistic postage prices and quick delivery times. I'll have to check out that individual list thing though - I haden't noticed that part of the change!
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          Thanks for that. as a seller i suppose i should have been aware. Will take a look. Good idea to be able to give and recieve feedback on different aspects of your sevice.

          Might not be buying any size 20 knickers though lol


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            Ooh, best be carefull what I'm buying from now on!

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              ......really not sure I like that exposed feedback.

              And not just everything on show when your items might have been personal, but I buy a lot of gifts from eBay too, so the element of surprise has gone if Himself or whomever peek at my feedback.

              The shock element when Himself sees quite how much fabric I buy is more than evident now though...bummer!

              I'm not keen, but I don't know that it'll put me off. Might in some cases.

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                Feedback system..

                Gotta be a good thing I think for being able to comment on postage service etc..

                I always try to get my stock items out within 24 hours, have sometimes had orders in late in the afternoon, packed it, sent and they got it the next morning. It'd be great if I could get loads of positives specifically about postage. Plus there are loads of rip-offs on the postage costs as I am sure you all know. I charge all my postage at cost, adn use reclaimed packaging when I can to keep costs even lower.

                Detailed feedback has goota be a good thing.
                I hear what you are saying about the public display of purchases though.

                Best cancel my bid on the delux model with the real hair!

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                  *Best cancel my bid on the delux model with the real hair!*

                  Not Luscious Lucy!...............Oh nooooooooooooo!!!


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                    I've seen the new ebay feedback system....seems ok, like the fact items can be seen at a glance.

                    I've just had positive feedback for two of my paintings bought seperately by the same buyer, but only adds 1 to my rating Perhaps they should change that also or maybe ebay should only charge me once for listing fees if they sell to same buyer, can't see that happening. Anyway nice to get positive feedback, so can't complain too much


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                      Like anything new, I had to get used to the idea, didn't really like it at first. However, if I do this maybe other people will: you can see what other people have bought from a seller, might click on the item and buy it as well

                      In a way, I think it's a step too far privacy-wise for the buyer, since everyone will know what you have bought, much more openly than before.

                      The traders selling naughty stuff might be the losers in this game though
                      However the sellers putting stupid prices for postage will indeed suffer and rightly so!
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