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my nephew is going to famous

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  • my nephew is going to famous

    my sister has just had a letter though asking for copyright my nephews poam into a book thats going to out in october. hes is sooooo lucky he was on the bbc midlands news the other night interviewing the england team. then the bbc intreviewed him. and he has to do a acticle in the local paper about it. hes only 9 yrs old.
    waiting till hes 16 to buy the lotto. lol
    well he did get his brains from his auntie.

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    I don't want to rain on your parade but.... when my grandchildren were at junior school they had to write a poem and then a firm of publishers asked for copyright to print it. It turned out to be a publishing firm who then expected each parent/grandparent/carer and uncle tom cobleigh and all to buy a book. Needless to say no one bought one.
    The interviews sound good though.


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      Grand news Rachael, I bet you're really chuffed! Our youngest was one of a number in his school and was in a book of childrens' poetry, made me feel really proud and for a boy who doesn't like English it made him feel good too. And of course we bought a book, hehehe! I suppose the publishers can guarantee that most parents will buy one but that's not such a bad thing I don't think...yes they get their money back but the pride to the children is a positive aspect that sort of puts their moral code to the back, for me anyway
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        I agree - having a poem published can be a big boost for a child's self-esteem.

        Yes, it may well be a money-making venture for the publisher, but those are the times we're living in. Poetry rarely gets published any other way as it doesn't tend to sell well, unfortunately.

        Enjoy his moment. Love the story about news interviews - that must've been a fab experience and one that I'm sure he'll always remember.
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          I agree with Wendy. What a confidence booster. It is an achievement he can take into adulthood. I also agree with Fedup. I fell for that one too but hey ho, I won a prize and still didn't buy the book.
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            Well done and what a proud moment, although I have to say I was told the same thing. My son has had a poem put in a book of poetry to be published late September/early October. I was chuffed and then heard several other parents saying the same thing at school!!

            Must be a proud moment too that he has done a radio interview, now that is something to be proud of at 9!!!
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