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Advice from people that do outdoor shows please

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  • Advice from people that do outdoor shows please


    I'm after some advice/opinions please from people that do outdoor craft stalls at local shows etc..

    I have put my name down for a stand to sell my jewellery at a local show on Saturday. I don't think it's going to be anything huge basically a field with stalls, probably mainly agricultural and an animal show ring in the middle. The cost of the stand is very reasonable at £15.00.

    The weather forecast here for the weekend is rain, rain and more rain with maybe a few sunny spells. I had organized a gazebo to put over my table to hopefully keep me and my helper dry (and my 2 year old daughter that will be joining us later in the day!!) plus my jewellery of course. Unfortunately I can't have that gazebo now so cant think how else I can keep us all dry. This is my first outdoorshow so I don't really want to go and add to my costs by having to go out and buy a gazebo that I may not use again. Umbrellas and a cover to go over my table would keep us dry but then people wouldn't be able to see it so surely wouldn't stop and look?

    I was just wondering from the people that do regular outdoor shows do you find that sales are less when the weather is wet and miserable. Do people actually stop and look when it is raining or are they trying to get to the refreshment tent out of the rain? I am contemplating not doing the show if I am unlikely to make many sales. It is an all day event and to just end up soggy with a very soggy display doesn't seem very appealing.

    Plus after I have done the show I then have to drive 2 hours up to Nantwich to join the rest of my family for the start of our canal boat holiday!!

    I'm very confused and being generally indecisive doesnt help!!!


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    I've just invested in a 10ft by 10ft folding marquee - £75 but I also bought a 10ft by 6ft clear tarpaulin - so when I'm selling my used books I can cover them and people can still browse. Hope this helps. x

    I still can't post links but if you want the website address of the place I ordered mine from PM me. It came the next day.


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      Keeping dry is the easy part - make sure your stall is well secured if wind is forecast - you may find your insurance is invalid if not

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        If your husband has any weightlifting equipment [probably not used - just like my hubbies] take those and tie them to your sheet.



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          I don't think you will find it much fun without a gazebo or similar to cover you (and a groundsheet underneath). Umbrellas etc in this wind will not stay put - packaging etc get soggy.


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            without a gazebo or similiar it's going to be a constant battle against the elements and nobody will want to stop a browse unless you can offer them some cover
            Can you ring round and ask friends and family if they have one you can borrow for the day?....we bought a pop up one in the argos sale last year, best money we spent as it's so simple and means even in the worst of the british summer weather we stay nice and dry
            ( I agree with Jane about weighting it down )
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              I've never done an outdoor event where the organisers don't provide the tables themselves which are inside a large marquee.

              Jane is right, you would find it really difficult with the wind and you will never know what the weather will be like. I've been next to the entrance of a marquee before, and even had lots of wind from being inside. Doesn't sound like it would be an enjoyable experience, especially for your first fair as it may put you off.

              Would probably be a gorgeous day if you decided not to go though, typical!

              Hope you find a suitable solution


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                Thanks for the replies

                It's probably more of a village show than a fair which is why I have to supply my own table and the cost to have the stand is quite reasonable. I was going to use a paste table which probably isn't the best thing if it's going to be windy aswell. I don't have to make my final decision until Friday so I should have a better idea of the weather by then.

                I'm thinking maybe I will give this one a miss and try and sort out a gazebo if I intend to do a stand outside again.


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                  I find this website annoyingly accurate - it doesn't look good I'm afraid.



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                    I sold as a wandering pedlar, from a tray I carried around, for several years before I got tied down to a table/ tent/stall.
                    The trick is to keep most of your stock dry somewhere eg in the car, or with another stall holder (friends are good to have around), have a bit of everything in your tray, and nip in somewhere to shelter when it's raining.

                    The next step on the ladder was a table. Most of the time it doesn't rain. When it did I covered everything with a plastic sheet (from B&Q.)
                    Variations go - stack everything under the table, or use see through plastic boxes with lids.

                    But I have never regretted a single penny (more like 100s of pounds!) I've spent on my tent and my market stall. I'm dry. My stuff is dry. And it stays clean. (Wind is dusty.)

                    If you don't have shelter and it rains you have no customers. If you do have cover and can share it you have a captive audience for the length of the shower