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Credit Card glue - liquid form

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  • Credit Card glue - liquid form

    I know this may sound weird, but I am looking for the glue that is used to attach credit cards to the paper when the credit card companies mail them to you (at least in the U.S.) Its this kind of glue that sticks once (i.e. when you peel off the card from the paper it only sticks to itself-and by the way its fun to play with).

    I am look to advertise in a small magazine, and I am looking to either use this glue or any of your suggestions that would work with me.

    No I am not sending credit cards, but I am sending business-card sized magnets along with my full page advertisement, and I would not like the pages to stick together after my magnet is taken off (or this would hide my ad).

    Also I prefer the glue to be in liquid form, and if not then at least verticle lines(i.e. |), since I plan on hiding a promotion code behind the magnet, so I need to have space to maneuver.

    All ideas welcome, and please remember I'm in the US (so websites are much easier for me to view)


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    Why not try a plastic fabrication company first off. If they can't help you I am sure they would be able to point you in the right direction. They make the credit cards so would imagine they would know what glue would stick?
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      Sounds Like You need....

      an adhesives spe******t company.....I don't think that peel off stuff is a craft glue.

      Only temporary stuff I have is the repositionable spray.

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        Welcome to the forums.

        *All ideas welcome, and please remember I'm in the US (so websites are much easier for me to view)*

        How? Are US spec monitors bigger?


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          I've seen this type of glue in a bookstore!
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            Isn't it the same stuff as sticky dots?

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