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  • grrr etsy!

    A quick question, I made a minor faux pas the other night signing up to etsy...
    I entered the username bubblepopeclectic and accidentally put my email address as [email protected] not!!! So I never got a confirmation code...
    so now I can't sign up with bubblepopeclectic because it says the name is taken and I can't send another confirmation code because it says the email address is not registered and now I can't get a because in the UK you can't seem to get one!!!

    SO if I sign up again using the correct email address and use a different username can I make my etsy url or does it take your username for that?
    I'm so annoyed at myself, seems etsy is the place to be but I'm an epic fail at it so far!!
    email: [email protected]

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    could you try emailing [email protected]? I think they deal with account queries so they might be able to help with new registrations

    Hope you get it sorted

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      I have a Hotmail.COM email account...

      Try going here to sign up


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        it just auto directs it to a one, I tried googling for answers but nothing helped really, its silly! I've emailed etsy and waiting to hear what they say, it would be ok if I could choose a different shop name to my username...
        email: [email protected]


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          oh no! Sounds like the kind of thing I'd do!
          I'd suggest emailing etsy to explain, hopefully they can sort it out, failing that, I guess you could set up another email account with same name but an underscore in there somewhere?

          Sarah x