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  • Opinions please

    We'd appreciate some feedback on these banners that my wife has been making. The 1st three are on hessian, the fish are on various patterned material and the flowers on gingham material. They are all sewn on with satin stitch and have a backing material. The top is threaded with bamboo and a meterial loop for hanging.
    They look a bit crumpled here but that is the bad photography, my fault. She has made a few others but they all got grabbed by family and friends and we were wondering if they are something that might sell and if so what sort of price? Your expert advice and opinons would be appreciated.

    For full size images click on the thumbnails

    Honesty please


    20" x 10"

    25" x 36"

    17" x 10"

    17" x 22
    "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci


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    opinions please

    I like them all,I can see why family and friendsgrabbed the first lot, I like tactile wall hangings


    Cindy x

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      I like the hessian ones. I thought the fish ones lost a bit as the backing material took over, as did the bottom three, but overall they are lovely. I am sure that they will sell quite easily. Well done to your wife.


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        I think the fishes and gingham ones would really appeal to children! Isn't it strange how everyone has different tastes. Which goes to prove that you should definately make a wide range and styles to appeal to the widest audience.
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          I like the top 3 flowers ones, the fish and the bottom 3 don't really appeal to me personally


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            Personally, I like them, and I've made a few wall hangings in the past that sold ok. I don't see any reason why these wouldn't sell as they are very decorative.
            Gail x

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              I really like them, and the fish ones are actually my favs!
              I can just see them hanging in someones kitchen or a nursery!
              I have no idea what price they would be though.


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                I love the flowers they would look great in a little girls room


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                  they are great, I agree that the fish get a little lost on the background, but I like them anyway

                  They would be fabby as wall hangings in childrens rooms

                  jan x



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                    These are fab and the top three are the ones that I would choose over the others, but this one is my fave:

                    Originally posted by bodrighy View Post
                    20" x 10"


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                      Thanks people,

                      It looks liek it is worth her doing some more and getting them up on Etsy then. Just got to think of sensible prices.....and take some decent photos that do them justice.

                      "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci