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  • Finally back online!

    It seems like AGES since I've been on the craft forum (it probably has!). Have spent the last month moving from London to Warwick, so didn't have much time to get online, and then when we got into the new place, our internet connection was messed up - we had dial up for a short time, but honestly, it's medieval compared to Broadband!

    So we're in our new house and we're loving Warwick already, and it's great to be so close to my family - it's only a short drive to go over and have a cuppa am sure they'll be sick of the sight of me soon....
    I've also got a beading desk in the spare room - instead of 'borrowing' the kitchen table - am so pleased

    Anyway, just thought I'd say a quick hello and hope everyone is doing ok - have seen a couple of posts of not so good news from others, so hope things have got a bit better

    Sarah x
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    Very stressful moving! It must be nice being near your family again though. Welcome back to the forum
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      Thanks Its nice to be back on the forum!
      At least the computer is in the lounge now so my hubby might get to see me occasionally.

      The move wasn't too bad actually (I've moved quite a lot over the last few years so have got quite good at packing), though it is kinda stressful finishing one job and starting another, and having to deal with a broken boiler (again!). Oh well.

      Am enjoying my last few hours of freedom before I start at the new place tomorrow


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        Hi sarah

        Welcome back, sounds like you have been really busy!! Ive been on hols and feels like ages since been on here too!! Great to have you back, sounds like you gonna be busy with your new beading desk!!



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          thanks for your lovely message Kaz- think i will be busy - have just joined a new gym too, so need to get my money's worth. Where did you go on your hols? Hope the weather was good


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            Just went to rainy Wales( New quay) it was lovely thanks, wow the gym as well!!! good luck and well done wish i could get motivated!!lol