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  • Getting customers to give feedback?

    Hi there,

    I have made my third (yes, not setting the world on fire yet.... but still...) sale on my website! I do have a facility for people to leave reviews (which I think is the same as feedback, or do you disagree?) but haven't asked anyone to do so yet - should i put this in the email that gets sent to customers when their supplies are posted?? (we sell cardmaking supplies). For other website owners, do you get feedback regularly/easily?

    thanks for the help,
    Louise x
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    For any sales through my website I email the buyer personally, not automatic. I thank them for their purchase and payment and then email them again when the item has been posted. At this point I ask them to let me know when they have received it and if they are happy with their purchase.

    More often than not, they will send a glowing email which I can then quote on my home page. I prefer to do it this way then if anyone is unhappy then I can 'doctor' their review and possibly not include it.
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      thanks helen, I think cancelling the automatic email and doing a personal one is a much better idea. Love your snugglers by the way!
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        I agree with Helen that adding the comments on yourself is the best way to do it. I think I might email my customers to ask for comments and ask if it is ok to include them on my website.
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          My customers tend to send me unsolicited feedback which 'so far' have all been glowing. I do exactly the same as Littlesnuggler, I email the customer to acknowledge their order and tell them when it will be dispatched and as soon as it has gone I email again to confirm dispatch and thank them for the order. Offering a personal touch really improves your relationship with your customers and hopefully they like the products enough to either give you nice feedback or even buy again! I have to admit as my sales are increasing it is getting more difficult to say on top of the personal emails but I am just putting a daily system in place and making sure I follow it!
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            I pretty much do the same.

            In the e-mail I send when I despatch the order I give them the tracking reference for their parcel so they can track it. I ask for feedback in that e-mail but I also enclose a letter with the order thanking them for the order and asking for comments and to feel free to make an entry in my guestbook on the website. The don't all do it but some do. I have had no negative feed back. However in the guestbook you have total control over it and can delete any unpleasant entries!!

            Hope this helps!
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              Thanks for all the advice - now I just have to wait on my next order! Fingers crossed it won't be long....
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                I got my second order today!!!

                I also do the same and give it a more personal touch by e-mailing myself. I was told by someone they felt it was unprofessional but I disagree especially when its craft related, whats more hands on than that!!!

                I e-mail to say thankyou, the payment has been recieved, and I will send it within 24 hours, then e-mail to let them know I have posted it.

                I also e-mailed my first customer a 4 question feedback form which she was more than happy to do and I will continue to do.



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                  a quick update - I emailed my two customers last week to see if they wanted to give me any feedback, and got no reply!! Maybe getting the automatic email first, and then the personal one was overkill - will cancel the automatic ones from now on and only do the personal ones... see if i get anywhere. My feedback on ebay is fantastic though - shame i couldn't have the same comments on my own website.
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