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  • prepare to be impressed !!

    as part of our service we run a birthday reminder service which means some of our customers give us their list of dates that they need cards for ( often for the whole year ) and we make their cards up in plenty of time for when they need them
    we have only been making cards for just over 2 years and it has gone from a small hobby to a thriving little business ( we're nowhere near millionaires yet but we have orders coming in most days ) now this has taken us a little by surprise and means we're constantly making cards , which isn't a problem as we both really enjoy it but we've got 2 weeks off in August and I think it will do us both good to have a well deserved break so with that in mind I am aiming to get all our August and September pre booked cards made so that firstly we can have a two week break and secondly so that we're ahead of ourselves when we get back to business
    so today I have finished all our August cards and the September cards are well underway
    I'm feeling very pleased with myself , its been hard work but it will be worth it !!

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    wow that is organised enjoy your well deserved holiday when you have it

    Just had a good nosey on your site, I've never even thought of braille cards before, what a fantastic idea!

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      Well done and we are in a depression too. Eat your heart out large industries and don't forget your friends on the way up lol.
      God helps them that help themselves.


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        Well done, you are incredibly organised!!! Must be such a great feeling to know that you have things done so that come your two week holiday you can relax


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          WOW!!!!! hope you enjoy your well deserved break!!
          Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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            What an organised little way to do things!!!
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