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  • £30 to much

    Is £30 for a stall a bit to much to pay especially for a card maker.

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    Sounds about right to me, I would be happy to pay that, some places charge way more xxCeinwen


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      As a card maker I would find that too much to pay unless you were sure it was an exceptional event!


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        I think you have to try and look at it from a business point of view.
        You are essentially BUYING a shop for the day.
        It is an overhead and really should therefore be budgeted for.

        If you BUY space at a carboot you will get just that a place to put your car, An attic sale may provide a table, A village hall fair maybe you will get a table, chair and a cup of tea, at a large event you may get the above plus a power supply with all these venues will you get some degree (hopefully) of advertising and as the price rises the advertising does (usually) too! and usually the footfall!

        If you are making cards for peanuts, then spending a larger amount will not suit, but if you have competitively priced cards that do sell well then I know what I would be thinking.



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          How's about deciding how much money you'd be happy to spend in a year on 'pitches'? You could bundle it in with advertising then you won't get to glum if a fair goes pear shaped.
          Then book a variety of venues from £5 to £30 or £50...and try them.
          After a year you should have a good idea of the kind of customers and the kinds of sales to expect at the different types of sales/fairs/events/times of the year.
          And you won't resent having spent the money as it was budgetted for and an expensive show can be balanced out with a cheap one.

          who set a maximum of £15 a show and has just booked one for £25


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            I would find that too much and have budgeted for a max of £15 this year. As said depends on your prices but you have to sell a lot of cards to break even.

            Work it back number of cards you would have to sell less the materials to break even, this will than give you an idea if feasible or not. I have done fairs recently where I have sold nothing, you also have to weigh up that it could be a good form of advertising and getting you known if local to your home. Take business cards and leaflets with you.

            Just a thought have you asked if they would offer say a smaller table for a lesser amount you can get a lot of cards onto a 3ft table. I had an email offering me a stall for £25.00, emailed and said thank you but over my budget, came back and offered it for £15. Organisers atm seem to be offering reductions to fill the hall rather than have only a few tables.


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              Bibz & Burpz Baby Fayre


              As an event organiser i have had to budget for the cost of hiring the venue & the advertising (most importantly!!!).

              For similar events you can pay over £100 for a stall.

              Therefore i have set my stall price at £35

              Not being funny just adding my info.




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                Personally as a card-maker, I would find that too much to pay for a stall - but, as others have said, it depends on what you are getting for your money.
                I have done events in the past and not made my table money back, but I've managed to give out some leaflets and business cards, other times people aren't interested in business cards.

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                  £30 seems ok IF you have the footfall. Some events have been sooooo slooooow & don't justify the outlay. However, you only need one good customer & it makes it all worthwhile. I had a lady take £150 of prints last weekend. I could have kissed her!!! (cept the missus was there )