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  • Home Parties?

    I have been asked if I do home parties, and I really do want to do them as I think I could do quite well selling that way I was an Ann Summers part organiser for a short period a looong time ago!

    I would be looking at selling the jewellery I make alongside the bath & body products I sell but don't make myself.

    I suppose I am looking for a little help and advice about it all really! What sort of thing should I do at such parties?

    Games seem an obvious thing, but what kind of games? Bath Bomb Bingo perhaps?? or guess the gemstone?? that kind of thing..

    Also, when I did the AS parties, I would do a tombola/lucky dip at every one (I often made more £ from this than I did on sales for the evening), would this sort of thing be acceptable do you think? Tombolas work well as not every ticket is guaranteed a prize so each prize can be of higher value!

    Any ideas/advice greatly recieved

    many thanks

    jan x

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    I do party plan but do not do games. The hostess chooses a gift from a hostess selection catalogue (these items are rotated and are not available for other customers to purchase, once they have been in the catalogue for 3 months they are then moved to general sale and replaced by other gifts) This way the hostess gets something unique at the time of her party, I give the gift on the night of the party at the intorduction and thnak you stage.

    The hostess also gets 10% of total sales in goods rising to 15% if another party is booked on the night. I now have a separate catalogue of items for parties, these are items that can be made to order and delivery is within 3 weeks, at which time the hostess has to collect the money due, so cash on delivery of the order.

    I have always found that games are not necessary as the evening moves too fast anyway and doing games would drag out the process, also the games detracted from the selling/buying which is what I am there to do.

    I let the hostess have printed invitations, guest list and a catalogue with order forms about 3 weeks before the event so she can invite guests and show the catalogue for an order in case someone cannot make it on the night.

    Also price ranges are varied to suit all pockets. I also do an 'Open House' which is run like a craft fair but with different themes in each room of the house. I genrally try to do these once or twice a year. These are quite good as I can take my time setting up and packing away being in my own home, just provide nibbles and wine etc. At the moment these events seem to be more productive for profit as you have a captive audience.


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      Great advice Caroline... I'll be watching this post with interest to see if anyone else has handy hints and tips as it's something we have been considering looking into with our cards and candles


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        Games are definately best left for the Ann Summers type of party!
        I have a done a few parties and found that a raffle is fine, I donate the proceeds of mine to charity.

        I also make the necklace cords for pendants to fit the person who had bought it as some like them long and some short etc

        I also have a chat about how it has been made and then leave the rest to hostess as it her friends having a drink and a chat in her house.

        In terms of gifts for the hostess I offer either a 10% commission on sales OR a custom made piece of her choice.



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          I make a necklace for the hostess in her favourite colour as a gift and then she also gets 10% of sales to spend on what she wants. I do a raffle £1 for 5 tickets and I do 3 prizes. I don't do any games, just a little talk to let them know all about the things I do, then let them look and buy.


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            I've got my first Jewellery party coming up tomorrow evening!! My Mum is hosting it, so that's great, and using it as a trial run as have never sold jewellery before - been working like mad today pricing up!

            Anyway, I've prepared some little plastic wallet leaflets, with gemstone meaning, birthstone info and crystal colours - also info on the types of metal I use. Will leave these lying around for people to browse as hope it may get more orders if people know what's out there.

            I plan to do a raffle as well, £1 a ticket and have wine, chocs and a piece of jewellery. I will also do 10% commission for host, but as it's my Mum, I don't have to at this one

            Feeling quite nervous - will let you all know how it goes.