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Is there anything else I need ????

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  • Is there anything else I need ????

    Ok bought a starter kit for my silver clay
    here is a list of what i have bought wondered if there was anything else i needed??,Thanks for looking

    *Badger Blam

    * 16g of PMC3

    * Deluxe butane torch Worth £20.00!

    * 4 PMC metal carving tools, including a burnisher

    * Brass wire brush

    * Steel wire brush

    * Craft knife

    * Rolling pin

    * Spacers

    * Firing brick

    * 3 diff grit sanding/polishing pads

    thanks xx

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    wow thats quite a list. the only thing I can think of is Silver polish and clothe, shape cutters, and the stuff to make it look like pewter / antique, sulpher something, sorry cant remember what it is called..

    oh and a tile / smooth ceramic / glass board to roll it on.
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      sounds like you are pretty much sorted!

      I use an old playing card to roll out onto and olive oil as the lubricant 'stuff'. I also use cutters for polymer clay and the two part mould making material. Because the pmc has to be worked fairly quickly I'll sometimes make the piece out of Fimo 1st, then make a mould out of it then push pmc into the mould.

      Hope to see some of your pieces on here soon

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        Cool does anyone know what that stuff is called to bring out the detail sort of makes the outline go black if you know what i mean ?? Also how do i use it ??


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          Liver of sulpher?

          If im highlighting a name i use a cocktail stick dipped in


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            Liver of Sulphur is one of the the easiest oxidising solutions (and most art clay suppliers sell small bottles for a couple of pounds).

            For small details, though, you can often get away with just using a fine sharpie marker - this works particularly well for names.