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  • For the little'uns (ART ATTACK)

    "The longest running show on ITV"

    It's easy to see why. It doesn't matter how much trends, fashions, and gimmicks might change from one generation to the next. Show me one young child who doesn't want to know how they can turn an empty loo roll into a fun, and cool art project.

    I always watched this as a kid, and I'm ashamed to say that I never tried to make a single one of the projects on the show.

    However, since I found the website, I've already used two of them for Art projects with my students.

    I do not have enough posts to include URLs yet.
    Just go to Google and Search "Art+Attack"
    The first result is the Official Homepage.

    Unfortunately, the presenter died (I'm in Thailand so I don't know how long ago or if they replaced him) but there's tonnes of fantastic ideas for projects that can be easily done at home.

    Most of them require no more than some cardboard, some newspaper and PVA mixed with water, but they give fantastic results that the kids will love.

    If you've got kids (or just a big one locked up inside you) give it a look...keep what that great guy who taught all of us going!
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