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Silver Clay help ??

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  • Silver Clay help ??

    After writing my last post i did a serach on here for some ideas and just found Silver Clay and OH MY WORD it is perfect for me to have a go at,So i have some questions Were do i buy it from ? and also what do you do to it to make it hard and wearable.This really is my kind of thing
    so please help as im quiet excited about this already just hope it can be done from home.

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    I sell Art Clay Silver which is one brand of silver clay.

    Yes you can do it at home. If you don't have a kiln to fire it in, you can fire it with a small handheld butane torch (like what you brown up Creme brulees with!) or even fire it on your gas hob with a stainless steel mesh.

    I sell a starter kit for Art Clay which is a great way to get your feet wet. It has all the basic tools - including a stainless steel mesh so you can fire the creation on a gas hob or camping stove. Plus 7 grams of the clay and full instructions.

    Even if you go it alone, its a good idea to get a book that will walk you through the basics as it is quite expensive material, so following projects at first with help you get the best from it whilst you learn. There are oodles of books on Amazon for metal clay. I also just got in stock the Art Clay Silver Basic Book which is fantastic - honesty the nicest metal clay book I have seen I think.

    And of course, there are many teachers and instructors out there offering classes too don't forget. So many different paths to get you to where you want to be!
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      I've dabbled with pmc over the years and really enjoy using it. There is a great seller on ebay who I've bought a few bits from called ArtClayUK.

      Also the Polymer Clay Pit is a great supplier online. (sorry can't post links yet as I'm new )

      I started off with a starter set which comprised of a pack of silver clay, blow torch, firing block, set of tools, some jewellery findings etc.

      Basically you mould the clay into the shape you want, either a ring or pendant for example. You then leave the item to dry out thoroughly, which takes about a day air drying, of you can dry in the oven. You then fire the clay with the blow torch, which burns off the clay and leaves the piece as solid silver (but it does shrink slightly in the process). It's then finished by burnishing the piece to make it shiny as when it's fired it looks like unglazed ceramic. This is done with a wire brush and polishing cloths.

      That's it in a very basic nutshell, it might be worth having a look on youtube for a video to show you the process as I'm rather lousy at explaining things

      shout if I can answer anything else, I expect there are many other art clay crafters on here who are a lot more knowledgable on the subject than me though

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        oops cross posted with ejralph

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          Hi there
          There's quite a lot of info all on this thread

          Plus I've a added a few product reviews inc the best butane torch to see
          you through lots of jobs on my PMC Tips Blog

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