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I've decided...Fimo so any ideas???

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  • I've decided...Fimo so any ideas???

    Thanks to you guys here i have decided to do a bit of modelling with Fimo,Not bought anything yet so wondering what the best stuff is to buy if it is Fimo/Fimo Soft/or somehting else.I dont want to make beads so my next question is what can i try?.I have made a fairy before but would like to try somehting else any ideas,Like things more complex even if iam beginig as i like to get my teeth into something (as you can possibly see from the amount of stuff ive tried i get bored easily lol)
    So any ideas greatly appreciated

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    Oh yey!

    I love it when people try polymer clay out - and in a way, its so nice too to break away from the usual beads and jewellery and try other stuff.

    So, some ideas.


    Polymer clay is fabby for making unique mosaic tiles .You can create them to any shape, dimension, colour etc. Covering items with polymer clay mosaic tiles can be an extensive hobby just in itself and hugely creative. You don't need to stick to patterns either, you can do pietre dure inlay techniques - all sorts. Jazzing up old furniture this way can look amazing.

    After all, you can create so many looks with polymer clay - faux marble tiles for a table, bright and wacky colours for kids furniture, space-age metallics, oh too much to mention!

    Covering Things?

    We polymer clayers have a habit of covering things in clay. If it stands still , we cover it. Dog and husbands keep moving in clayers households.

    You can cover pretty much anything in polymer clay - blown hens eggs, glass items, wooden items.... it is the crafters dream material.

    Mobiles: Windchimes and mobiles are huge fun to make from polymer clay.

    Card Toppers:

    Polymer clay makes for fantastic embellishments for greetings cards. Too much fun.

    can't think of anything else right now as I am getting hungry and all my brain can think of is grub to the exclusion of pretty much all else. But I am sure I will have some more ideas to add later!
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      I mostly use Fimo for making jewellery or embellishments for my crafting. I've been using it since I was about 8 years old

      I love it, it's so very versatile and there is so much inspiration online. I tend to look at videos on youtube for projects, found a really quick and easy way of making mini Fimo cupcakes on there the other day

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        Yes, so true about covering things, put me off when the kids pinched my canes to cover their own stuff.
        Have you looked into making canes? there are some great online tutorials
        Maybe you could try covering your fimo tools, if they are metal.
        I enjoy making parts, like hands, faces etc. just get lots of practise and see what works
        Also, miniature food
        Fun character animals
        I would personally go with fimo classic to start with, but it's good to have a play around with the different ones and see what you get a feel for, also check the colours, cos you can get effects, translucent, glow in the dark.
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