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naming items.... copyright??

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  • naming items.... copyright??

    I cant remember who it was, but a few weeks ago someone mentioned the success they had naming their jewellery. Ive got a big craft fair next week, so I thought id try the idea out for that. I was thinking of naming my jewellery after song titles/lyrics (eg my heart will go on bracelet etc.), but would this be a copyright infringement, or would anyone actually care????
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    Dont know if ill be able to help. I can see your point with song titles and stuff, im sure i read somewhere that there is a percentage of everything say 5% that u can use and not need copyright i think it applies to pages of books. U can also state ur sources so folk know that it is not ur own work ie names, but surely things like peoples surnames arent copyrighted after all its a name.

    Just my opinion, hope it helps u somehow

    PS its just a one off show, if its like a local thing doubt anyone would give a hoot for a one off




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      you could always just change the words around or use a different word instead of another..
      ''my heart will go on'' could be 'hearts go on' and people would probably still make the same association. My new shop name is 'bubble pop eclectic' which is a gwen stefani song, apart from the song is called 'bubble pop electric'..
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        Thats a good idea terri! Thanks dave for all the advice.... I think im going to do it when i get to the craft fair, as for some strange reason we have to be there at 8am and doors open at half 9! Thanks again
        I like to make things - usually a mess!
        Please look at my stuff and let me know what you think!


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          Originally posted by lauralou1601 View Post
          we have to be there at 8am and doors open at half 9! Thanks again
          Don't under estimate how long unloading, moving the car, setting up etc takes!
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            I like the idea of naming them with revisions of song titles - that seems a lot better in my view than just using song titles themselves.

            As for Craft fairs - as everyone else has said, you would be amazed how long it takes to set up. Plus the organisers need to know that everything IS set up and there are no problems, potential health/safety issues that need resolving before they open the doors to the public.

            Good luck with the fair - hope you sell loads!
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              I'd recommend you use variations rather than the title of the songs too, because odd as it sounds you may alienate customers who don't share your taste in music! I personally can't stand the song you gave in your example (although I'm sure plenty love it) and now I'm stuck with it in my head and although it's completely irrational I think that would put me off the product.

              I like to name my products too though. Adds to their personality I think .

              Good luck with the fair!
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                lol I hate that song too, but it was just the first song I could think of with heart in the title! I might just think of some funny phrases..... in the past weve always left WAY too long to set up! At one fair, we arrived an hour before the organiser, helped her set up the tables, set our stall up, and then the other stall holders started arriving! Its nice tho to have a sit down after all the lifting and stress of getting there in the first place! Thanks for all the advice xx
                I like to make things - usually a mess!
                Please look at my stuff and let me know what you think!


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                  Although my jewellery is all named after Cornish places on-line, I never put names on things at a craft fair. This is because I think all those name cards would clutter up the table and make it look untidy. I also think it would make the setting up time take twice as long. I think as well that people don't really read signs on a table, they only home in on the jewellery.
                  Best wishes



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                    I think a song title would certainly make your jewellery stand out.
                    My DH's friend Tom Holt is an author and he uses common phrases with slight changes for lots of his books like 'odds and gods' 'who's afraid of Beowolf' and 'paint your dragon'