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Hahaha, name again! (SORRY!)

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  • Hahaha, name again! (SORRY!)

    Hello, I know I keep posting threads about my little shops name, and I guess this is why I've felt changing it is the right thing to do now! I was going with 'momo-bijou' but I dunno, it just didn't feel right and I guess questioning the name so much made me dislike it more...SO...
    I have FINALLY... honestly. no changing my mind this time... settled on a new name... it came to me during a bout of insomnia the other night...

    So here it is *drumroll*...

    Bubble! Pop! Eclectic!


    I personally love it, it's reflective of the colourful pieces I make and it suits my personality pretty well too, not only that but it's a take on the Gwen Stefani song ''bubble pop electric'' and I love her too! haha.
    Setting up my misi shop now, I need to take pictures of my things properly I think... I need to sort 10 necklaces out to send to a shop in Stone this week... so I'm pretty busy... for a change! haha.
    email: [email protected]