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    Hi guys, hope you're all well!

    I applied for NOTHS a few weeks ago and was accepted pretty much instantly which I thought was fantastic, until I found out how much it was going to cost me *ouch*.... so I then spent a few weeks justifying the cost, producing spreadsheets, weighing up the pros and cons etc and well, I thought ok what the hell, just do it before their 20% off offer finishes on the 17th.

    So yeah i've done it, i'm now poor and plan to spend all weekend taking some good snaps!

    Is anyone else on the board on there?

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    I took one look at the cost and stopped. Been getting emails ever since though.

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      I applied a few weeks ago and they blew me out so it saved me the problem of working out the costing logistics ~ I'd already had an indication of the charges from another member on here and I didn't think I could justify them.

      I hope NOTHS works out well for you x
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        congratulations and good luck with NOTH i know some people have done really well on there even though it costs a lot to start off. - selling vintage items and handmade cards!

        Will also be adding some items to a misi shop soon!


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          Congratulations on getting into NOTH. I too was turned down but now I know the cost would have had to give it a miss. Hope you do well.


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            I applied not long ago and was also turned down, from what I've found out they are very particular about who they accept so well done!!!

            How much are the costs out of interest? I never fully looked into that, just plunged straight in!

            Good luck with it


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              Thanks guys, it work out at just under £600 including VAT and 20% off... which is a one off fee and will keep me in there for years! and they have over 90,000 subscribers logging on their site each week... etsy and folksy weren't working for me - too much competition.


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                can someone tell me what NOTH is, when I do a search all I seem to get is "chris noth" cheers
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                  NOTHS is Well done for getting in, I'm sure you won't regret it. It's the best thing I ever did. You should see your money back in no time.
                  Best wishes



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                      I must admit I was scared off by the cost but I would be really interested to hear if NOTHS has been successful for you, everything crossed!!

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                        Hi guys, jus seen this post has been *bumped* well.... I can say with no shadow of doubt NOTHS has been a fantastic place to sell. I've had no problems at all (touch wood) and sales have always been flowing nicely - so a year and a quarter on and things are going from strength to stength.
                        If anyone is thinking of applying, do not hesitate about the costs because they pay for themself after a few months and then it's just profit profit profit


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                          So what IS the cost? I'm feeling like I'd have to seriously hike my prices which doesn't sit well with me
                          I normally retail my bags for about £17.50... IF the sign up is £600 I'd have to sell 60 bags minimum to recoup that fee!!
                          Merrily sewing away... ooochh oucchhh oh well just another stabbed finger!

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                            People seem happy enough to pay a premium, I can charge slightly more on NOTHs to cover commission and my teacups are only £16 on there.


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                              I'd thought that you weren't meant to charge a different amount on NOTHS than on your website? I'm sure I read that somewhere, or am I wrong?

                              Adding a little magic to your celebrations