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  • Hellooooo!


    You all most likely know about my job search etc; however last night a family friend was at our house talking about my upcoming college art exhibition. She mentioned using my skills in art and what I have learnt at college to create my own job.

    She suggested becoming involved in arts projects, and doing commission pieces for people and also selling pieces of my work. However i have tried this before and never got a response.

    So i'll just out it out there again for everyone,if they do require any such pieces which are similar to mine then PM me

    Again i have said it before but if anyone in the lancashire area such as wigan,preston,liverpool ect could offer any part time or weekend work alongside them,then also just PM me

    I'm young and i'm eager lol

    Ooh by the way this is my photobucket account with some of my work on:

    Best wishes


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    Your work is lovely.
    Have you tried displaying it in shops or pubs locally
    I know a guy who displays his photography of local areas in a pub, I think he has had loads of interest.
    Good luck with your venture, and keep pushing your work, it takes time to get word around.
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      Hi, do you exhibit your work in local galleries? That's probably the best way forward for you. Is there any support from your college on getting started?
      Best wishes


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        At the momet alot of my work is tied up in college in one way or another so thats why i thought commisions would be good.

        But also my college hasn't been very good as I am hopefully going to Uni in September, so they don't really help with part time jobs!